Editing: Creating the OH F**K Moment - OFFICIAL DISCUSSION


Editing is about controlling information– it determines how, when and why we see certain pieces of information or story. There are many different styles and techniques within the art of editing to accomplish this, but the main purpose of each of them is to further the story. In other words: “You need a reason to cut.”

In this video, Director/Editor Joey Scoma walks us through a few classic scenes in cinema that demonstrate editing as an effective storytelling tool, and focuses in on a specific technique that he likes to call “The “Oh F**K” Moment.”

If you’d like more to chew on, check out this interview with Alfred Hitchcock talking about editing. You can also check out the documentary The Cutting Edge.

Happy cutting! And watch out for the Sundance Kid.


Yes! I love this new video-essay style! It works great for the less technical paths. However I would like to see more sketches like Escape From Dull Exposition. Great work RJ!


Thanks Alex… Yes we’re working on another sound narrative short with Kevin that he’ll breakdown into a lesson. Stay tuned!


Awesome work, man. Thanks for describing these techniques in terms I can understand. I also agree that the “video essay” style works great, and was a nice choice.


It’s just incredible…added to bookmaps to rewatch it tomorrow… few times)


Hi Joey, Do you have any examples of great oh fuck moments that aren’t created with a drastic jump in perspective? So instead of the big reveal going from close up to wide, or from mid/wide to an insert shot, examples of films doing an oh fuck without directing the viewers attention? An oh fuck that the viewer can feel like they picked up on themselves.