Editing/Deleting Comments: Time Restraint?


Hi again.
The first topic I made regarding comment editing was closed before I could respond to those who replied to my question (which wasn’t very helpful) so I’m going to continue the discussion in a new post.

I’ve noticed the ‘pencil’/edit icon on my more recent replies and posts, however, this option doesn’t seem available on older posts/comments I have made. Is this an intentional feature of the site? Do comments become ‘baked in’ after a certain amount of time has elapsed?

If this is a feature, it’d be great to have it’s purpose explained as I don’t really understand why it would be intentional (no other community site I’ve been on does this).

Cheers guys,
Hope those of you who celebrate Easter are having a good holiday. :smile:


I have seen that aswell I think it’s either what you said of them being locked or “baked in” it might even be the fact that those posts were made before an update of some sort making the posts un-editable!


Your guess sounds a little more logical though :wink:


I wouldn’t think an update would have that sort of effect…(unless it was intentional).
Haha, hopefully we can find out why soon.

Good to see that it’s not just me though.


Sorry about that @teejones, it seemed like Kevin had answered your question.

The window of time you can edit old posts is 3 months – it originally was 1 year. The reason Discourse made this change was that “allowing people to edit very old posts could lead to misbehavior and going back to old posts and adding in affiliate or spam links without anyone noticing.”

So if you have changes to make to posts, make them within three months!


Ok thanks for clearing that up, I’m not sure whether I personally agree with that reasoning BUT I can see some of the logic behind it.

It’s too late for me to edit the post I made unfortunately, is there any chance that one of the mods could edit it?

Thanks again though @Nick


Sure! Just message me a link to the post and what you’d like changed.