Entering into the Industry


I was referring to “prosumer,” which, a couple years ago when I wrote the post, basically meant a Zoom H4n, boom, and possibly no lavs. To clarify further, I also was not at all referencing corporate shoots, but independent on the run-and-gun YouTube scale, per the original question’s context. In the context of steady production sound professionals, you are absolutely correct that the numbers are vastly inappropriate.


Even an H4n I’d hate to classify with an as lofty title as “prosumer”. That is more appropriate for Tascam DR680 / Roland R44 / etc and even the Zoom F8 which had came out back then.


Finally got back to the rocketjump forums after a long absence and life a few years down the line is pretty good! I’ve relocated to Atlanta to chase that sweet sweet blockbuster money. And in answer to your rate question I’m usually pushing for around $600/day + $350 for kit which is the standard for the Atlanta rate but depending on the job I sometimes float to about $550/day. Now Im just working on getting my union card so I can start working on projects that pay scale


Congrats dude!! Thanks for the details on what Atlanta rates are looking like, and best of luck getting into the union! (I’m predominantly in post, so I’m in the editors’ union instead.)