Face Swap Effect: Using the Puppet Tool in AE - OFFICIAL DISCUSSION


When recreating the face swap from Mexican Standoff, you’ll learn how to use concepts like tracking, roto and the puppet tool together.

This tutorial is more advanced, coming in at 3/5 Freddies. This means you should have some knowledge of how to use After Effects, as well as basic experience with rotoscoping, motion tracking, and keying. (Don’t worry-- beginner tutorials are coming soon!)

To learn more about the Adobe After Effects software, click here!

If you want some more help on the basics, we recommend Video Copilot. They are a great resource for VFX tutorials of every level.

And in case you were wondering, Freddie was eating a PB&J Sandwich.




loved this tutorial! Commented on youtube but i’ll drop one here about the ugly trashcan on freddie’s desk. :wink:


A few people asked… here is the behind the scenes of Mexican Standoff, it shows some of how we filmed the plates and footage with Key and Peele!


What’s that track ball thing he’s using?


the one @20:16 ? that one is called puppet tool


no, the thing he’s using instead of a mouse, on his desk


Kensington Trackballs


UPDATE: For those who want to try this out, we were featured by Adobe today and you can download our AE project to try out yourself! Create A Youtube Video with RocketJump via Adobe.com



@FreddieW @Clint thoughts? Bear in mind it’s my first time! :wink:


Hey not bad at all! :smiley:

I’d just watch out for the glitching and popping (that I assume is coming from the rotobrush) before the mask is taken off. Also be sure to either check on the motion blur tab for the freddie face mask layer AND the comp. If that doesn’t work, try pro-comping the mask layer, and adding CC force motion blur to it.

Great job Kev!


Thanks Clint! I was having trouble with the glitching around Freddie’s neck region and was having some trouble fixing it! I also totally forgot to add a motion blur to the mask ripping off haha!

Thanks again Clint!


That was pretty rad, Kevin! I can’t offer any practical advice on the actual technique but I’m super happy you did it!! :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m surprised no one else has!