Fan Friction What IFs - fanfiction


While I loved the action and special effects (clothes getting burnt off was my favourite), Fan Friction was a little underwhelming to me as a fanfic parody. Understandably, most viewers already missed the context as BrentLeeFilms explained in the discussion thread, so it’s hard to squeeze in more in-jokes. But I wish there was more for those of us who do know the fanfiction world, just as the first short was for Western/Racing movie fans.

The most appropriate response to this dissatisfaction then, is of course a “What If” fanfic. No harm intended.

Title: Fan Friction Fiception
Description: My What If ending. Non beta’d. First time writer, last time writing.
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the RJ crew.

Her brother had long left the room, but Allie stayed on Liz’s bed, both of them still feeling giddy about their co-authored story. She turned towards her longtime friend and couldn’t help staring. It’s funny how they’ve remained so close all these years, given their different background and polar opposite personalities. She really cherishes their friendship, though sometimes she wishes there was more…

Her cheeks reddened at the intruding thought. Allie chose this instance to glance over.

“Why are you blushing,” half laughing, but Allie’s gentle smile revealed no mockery. “Are you still thinking about when Dracula and Dr. Who…”

“I was just thinking about us.” She blurted out, already regretting. This is going to ruin their friendship.

“Why would you blush about that?” Allie’s eyes narrowed, becoming suspicious. “Wait a minute, are you putting both of us into the fic now? You know how I feel about self-inserts and Mary Sues.”

“No,” her voice got softer, more hesitant, “just us. I’ve been wondering if um…” She decided to stare at the ceiling instead. Safer.

She felt her chin being guided by Allie’s soft hand, and then lips meeting her own.

Allie’s hand wasn’t the only thing that’s soft.

Ashly stared at the screen of words, a little embarrassed at this alternate ending she had penned. She really shouldn’t mix in personal feelings with her work, but it’s hard not to daydream about the possibility of getting closer with her co-star and friend.

The door to the writers’ room opened suddenly, Ellary peeked her head in. “Hey Ash, whatcha doin’?”

Ashly had Alt-Tab’ed to a different window the instant the door had moved. Unfortunately, that other window was in the midst of some softcore gay porn, and the moaning was getting louder and more enthused.

“Oh, just doing more research for my short…” While that was actually true in a way, she could barely convince herself.

“Show me,” Ellary walked closer to the screen, determined.

“Ellie, I didn’t know you were into this.” Ashly joked, hoping she didn’t sound as panicked as she was feeling.

“I saw you changed the window. Show me what you were doing.” Ellary was now crouching right next to her now, left arm draped over the back of her chair, waiting.

Sigh. There was no point in hiding it now. Ashly’s heartbeat had elevated from being caught, though Ellary’s closeness did not help.

If Ashly could curl up into fetal position she would, but so frozen by fear she could only wait patiently as Ellary scrolled through the pages of words. Ellary’s face did not betray any emotion.

“Ellary, it’s just fan service. Unresolved sexual tension is nice and all, but I was thinking a femslash ending may please more viewers. You know how it is.” Ashly tried to explain.

“Do you fantasize about us a lot?” Ellary turned to look at her.

“Uh.” Her throat felt parched. Ashly wet her lips but couldn’t answer, not when Ellary was so close. And certainly not when Ellary was staring so intently at her mouth. She was a prey trapped, awaiting to be devoured.

“Well.” Ellary’s hand started caressing the back of her neck, she didn’t even know how it got there without her noticing. “I do, Ashly. A lot.”

Scene changes and the camera reveals a woman working in front of two monitors. One of the monitor has on display a VGHS Tumblr run by a fan called DOpeCat, the blog titled “Jenny Matrix X Ki Swan OTP”. The other screen is busy with activity, words flowing, describing Ashly and Ellary’s ever developing intimate encounter.

Camera angle changes, this time showing the face of the woman madly typing. It’s Catherine, the Director of Operations.

Outside the room an unknown voice beckons, “Hey Catherine we’re heading out for lunch now, you coming?”

“Yeah I’m comin’. I’m coming.”

I can’t take credit for the alt-tab porn joke, just saw it in Youtube comment. Also, I initially wanted to reveal Freddie as the actual shipper at the end, but I didn’t want to give off the idea that only women write male slash and only men write femslash.