Fantour of the main characters



I would be really happy if you make a fantour or something else but not only in america rather in Europe because there are also really much fans in GB or germany like me.
I would appreciate an answer



What do you mean with “a fan tour of the main characters”?
Like the main cast doing meet and greets all over the place?

These are all working professionals who are working on wildly different things at the moment. There’s also no budget to hire them and travel them anywhere (unless Freddie is hiding a big pile of cash under his pillow).

The possibility of such a thing happening, even only in the US, is virtually zero. I’m sorry Buddy.


what is if we collect donations from the community xD


You have a couple thousand dollars laying around collecting dust?

I’m afraid the odds are still very much not in your favor.
Your best chance of meeting the actors/crew would be attending social events that they are going to.