Favorite Movies Based on a News Story


Alright, so two of my passions are journalism and movies. Recently I found out a movie’s being made based on extremely sad article about drug offenders who end up murdered as inexperienced informants for the police. Two other movies in this category that come to mind are The Soloist and All the President’s Men. Does anyone know offhand any good movies that are inspired by news stories/journalistic endeavors? I’m hoping to read the article that led to the movie before watching the film.



All the President’s Men is my favorite, but I can think of a couple other good ones. Spotlight is a film that just came out that’s based on a true journalism story. Zodiac involved journalism and a true story as well. Other great things to watch if you’re interested in journalism films include Louder Than Bombs, all of but particularly Season 5 of The Wire, Citizen Kane, or some of Errol Morris’ documentaries like Tabloid, The Thin Blue Line, or The Fog of War. Citizenfour is a cool one to watch because you can pair it with Glen Greenwald’s articles as he gradually leaked Snowden’s information into the press. It’s a documentary that basically chronicles Snowden’s whole process from becoming a whistleblower, to leaking the documents, to seeking asylum.

Hope this is a start!


So this isn’t based on a true story but it is a great journalism based movie, State of Play. Also the bbc miniseries that the movie is based on is also fantastic and definitely worth a watch


Speed Racer.

Real answer: United 93. Though “favorite” is a poor word I guess.

Bloody Sunday is a bit less hard to watch. As is Captain Philips.

Pretty much, Paul Greengrass is a genius when he handles events.