Favorite Opening Sequences/Songs


Theme songs can define a show or videogame and hearing them long after can bring about a good feeling of nostalgia. Anyone else have fond memories of opening theme songs/credits?
A few that come to mind for me are:
Angel (Sanctuary, by Darling Violetta)
Firefly (The Ballad of Serenity, by Sonny Rhodes)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (BtVS Theme, by Nerf Herder)
Batman Beyond
Young Justice (Season 1)
Justice League
Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers
The Pretender (for the dialogue that played throughout the sequence)
Tokyo Ghoul (Unravel)
Kill la kill’s 2nd OP (Ambiguous)
Btooom! (No pain no game)
Bleach’s 1st OP (Asterisk, by Orange Range)
Neon Genesis Evangelion

There are a bunch of videogames with great music before the start screen shows up too:
Persona 3 FES (P3FES, by Lotus Juice and Yumi Kawamura)
SMT - Devil Survivor Overclocked (Soul Survive)
SMT - Soul Hackers (#x, by Wink Wink)
Final Fantasy Tactics
Final Fantasy 8
Dirge of Cerberus - FF7 (Trigger Situation)
Kingdom Hearts (Simple and Clean/Hikari, by Utada Hikaru)
Kingdom Hearts 2 (Passion, by Utada Hikaru)


I can’t think of all mine right now but I would have to say I have a lot of anime ones
Angel Beats
Majestic Prince
Attack on Titan

for games my all time favorite would have to go to Mass Effect 3


The Friday Night Lights TV show theme song is my favorite theme song ever.

In terms of non-intro video game songs, 95% of my favorites were probably created by Nobuo Uematsu. Decisive Battle? Force Your Way? Interrupted by Fireworks? Don’t be Afraid? Suteki Da Ne?

I could go on… and on… and on…


A friend of mine actually met Nobuo Uematsu at an event a couple of years ago and got to chat with him for a short while.


I agree that Mass Effect has some of the best ambient background music in videogames, along with Skyrim.


Dude every time I play Mass Effect 3 that opening cinematic always gets me and tugs at the feels.


Transistor soundtrack.
that’s all i’m gonna say.


Gravity Falls has a great opening track.

I second Bleach’s first OP. Also, I second Attack on Titan. Duh.


Man the Future Diary opening is cool, i love the chaotic visuals and music colliding, it makes a pretty cool opening


I know you guys are listing shows and games but what about some movies like … maybe…


Best opening song ever.


Star Wars.

Though what comes after the opening varies wildly in quality movie-by-movie, but still.


sonic and the black night for the wii has a pretty rad opening song.

Good opening songs really get you in the mood for the game!


Final Fantasy 8 opening and closing is SO perfect. The music and Sequence!
Man, I need to play more video games…


Yep, Liberi Fatali is about as epic as it gets. Dollet Siege is another good one from FF-VIII.



The Good Guy’s

I loved that show and I still wish for it to come back one day… It won’t but hey, a man can dream.


As far as catchy-ness goes, I feel like the DK64’s intro will be forever embedded in my memory. It’s been stuck in my head for fifteen years.


Mine are Star Wars, Skyrim’s whole soundtrack, Transistor’s whole soundtrack, and AC4’s theme.


^this guy gets it^
(you should all listen to transistors soundtrack by the way)


I love short intros like Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. I also really like The Office opening credits, that show got me through a breakup and has a really cathartic effect on me. But Star Trek: TNG is the absolute best intro, ever.