Favorite Opening Sequences/Songs


Can’t believe no one has said this but probably the greatest superhero theme song ever: Spectacular Spider-man!


Forever and always:


i’m honestly surprised i haven’t already put this one up


Bastion is my favorite game sound track plus it gets bonus points for being diagetic


Also the best atmospheric soundtrack to a game for me has got to be The Witcher: Wild Hunt


I really like the rebooted Hawaii Five 0 opening sequence, one of the best and most iconic opening sequences on TV in my opinion!


I’ve grown to really like the House MD intro


Can’t find a good version to link to, but the 1st opening theme to 2015’s Arslan Senki is pretty catchy.




Full House, actually…and this is partly thanks to watching The Room in theaters (you have to see the movie).
Also, Law and Order, simply because that show’s been in syndication on three different channels and always seems to be on at all hours of the day.
I appreciate the theme songs to Friends and Cheers as well because they’re cheerful and memorable.


Papermoon from soul eater is an incredible opening song plus any of the anime themes that flow has done are awesome I especially love Colors


Awesome intro from one of the greatest shows of all time: Scrubs.


How on earth has no-one suggested Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead yet? Seriously, they are some of the most iconic music ever put to the small screen.

That said, I’m also a fan of the old Stargate (SG1 and Atlantis) opening themes, and Halo has always been my number 1 video game theme. Fringe was also pretty awesome. I think this Watch Mojo video sums ithe topic up pretty good :stuck_out_tongue:


The OP for One Punch Man is a recent favorite. Videos for it apparently keep getting taken down, so I’ll just link the official music video from the band:


Why are there SO many!?


Because. It’s the first thing people see about a show; it’s got to be killer!


For movies it has to be Star Wars, Thunderbirds and Dr Who.
As for video games, I like Pokemon alpha sapphire’s opening theme.



Clocks and moon walk’s what’s not to like?


I’m sure this is up there already in the mess of this thread, but I love me this very Aaron Copland style intro to Star Trek DS9…but the pre-season-4 version without all the shitty synth crap. @Lauren am I right or what?