Favorite Rocketjump actors/who do we want to see?


So as we all know Rocketjump shorts have had some fantastic actors/actresses appear in their shorts and in vghs. I was hoping in this thread we, the Rocketjump community could express our appreciation for their fantastic performances and discuss who we would love to see come back in future Rocketjump shorts (and before you get on me I do know that all the shorts that will be featured in “Rocketjump: the show” have already been filmed).
I think my personal favorite performance was given by John Ennis in vghs season 2 and 3. He gave a fantastic preformance as Kenneth Swan and he provided a level of maturity that hadn’t appeared previously in the series. The scene where he told Ted that Freddy had died cemented the turn the series took from lighthearted Internet comedy to a mature character driven drama and I found that it was his preformance that elevated such a fantastically written scene to the next level.
Who are your favorites out of this wonderful roster of preformers?


Conan O Brien. Genius Comedian.

Actor who I’d like to see on a RocketJump video: Nicholas Cage, Samuel Jackson.


I want to see more Ellary Porterfield, and Jimmy Wong. You can never have enough Jimmy.


I love Ellary Porterfield I think she’s fantastic!


Brian Firenzi killed it as the Law. He is so good. Would love to see him in dang near any thing. :slight_smile:


Just saw Ellary in the newest video. She is so amazing!


Dat nerf gun prop though…


Ellary shouting “have you finnished cleaning” did give me some flashbacks to the days where she was the frag floor RA though