Favorite use of music in movies?


Sure this has already been a thread somewhere, but I want to know what the Rocketjump community has to say. :slight_smile:


The Fountain. And The Lord of the Rings.


One of if not the greatest use of pop music in a film:


What specifically about music in these movies, Jay? Haven’t seen The Fountain. :smiley:


I would definitely recommend watching The Fountain. It’s a really interesting, thought-provoking film with one of the best scores I’ve heard. I like it because it feels like one long piece of music, which slowly builds up and dies down, each time getting bigger and bigger, until it hits the peak for about 10 seconds of absolute glory. But a really beautiful film with beautiful music.

And if you’ve seen LoTR (hasn’t everyone by now?), I shouldn’t need to explain :smile: But specifically I love the recurring use of themes for each different “region” (and character in some cases). Plus every melody in the score is so damn catchy!

Oh yes, and my favourite thing about it might be May It Be (the song which plays in the credits of Fellowship).


My favorite directors tend to be those who write to music. Directors like Richard Kelly (Donnie Darko) and Quentin Tarantino.

I love Django Unchained’s use of music. Having a western film with somewhat westernish music, and then suddenly a rap song breaks out.

And Donnie Darko’s incredible 80’s soundtrack which really drives the whole movie. So good.


I really love the “Rohan” music, LOTR is definitely what comes to mind to me as well if you ask “favorite use of music in movies?” :smile:


It isn’t my number one favorite but I have to mention Guardians of the Galaxy for its incredible soundtrack


There are a lot of soundtracks that come to mind, but I will list a few and why I liked them. Watching Raiders of the Lost Ark a while back, I realized the music in that film really is used to capture emotion and push the story forward. There are a lot of movies with beautiful soundtracks, but not all of them use the music purely as a device to push the storytelling.

The Interstellar soundtrack is one of my favorites of all time. The pipe organ in that film made it such a visceral experience that I would say only compares to Lord of the Rings in majesty and scope. I saw that film several times in the theater, because I felt like I would never get that same feeling watching it at home in the future.

I thought the soundtrack of Boyhood was interesting, in the same way the production was interesting. I am 19 now, and my life is almost exactly the same time period as the character in that film. As a result, I almost felt it was cheesy in a way, because the director chose the iconic hit songs from those years in many of the sections that I remember quite well.

My all-time favorites are still 2001, A Clockwork Orange, and Barry Lyndon. Kubrick’s taste in music was perfect for those films.


I always remember connecting to the soundtrack of Super 8.

And who could forget Close Encounters of the Third Kind finale?


Dude! So I just saw Interstellar yesterday…I thought the use of the pipe organ was extremely unusual, kind of unsettling actually. I’m not sure if I really dug it that much because it reminded me of a haunted house, but I also think it was due to the novelty of hearing the instrument in a movie score - I’m used to hearing sweeping strings and horn sections, not pipe organs. But maybe that means I should listen to it again.

You know, I haven’t seen ANY of the Kubrick films you mentioned! Crazy. A Clockwork Orange is first on my list. Thanks for your response!


Appreciate your answers guys! I was thinking more like popular songs in movies, but it’s really interesting that people thought of movie scores when answering this question. Thanks for your input, everybody!


In a related vein, my favorite movies about music are Inside Llewyn Davis from the Coens, Crazy Heart with Jeff Bridges, and This Is Spinal Tap by Rob Reiner.


Really liked everything about the boat that rocked and the sound track from Mad Max; fury road is also great.
And then perhaps the disney classic fantasia deserves a honorable mention even if it’s a music movie to begin with


Every single way music was used in ‘Whiplash’.


Fantasia’s a great choice. Such a visceral movie experience, and it’s nearly a hundred years old. Can you believe it? Haven’t seen The Boat that Rocked yet; I’ll have to check it out.


Nice. Whiplash is one of those movies I’ll definitely need to see twice. It’s an excellent movie, but I stressed myself out just watching it! But the editing and sound…they won Oscars for a reason. I hope Damien Chazelle (sp?) does another project soon.


@Alex_Machina You know, I’ve only seen This is Spinal Tap, and that was a long time ago. With your other two choices though, I’m surprised O Brother, Where Art Thou didn’t make your list (one I definitely want to see again).

When it comes to movies about music for me, the television biographies are my favorites. Have you seen the TV movies/series about The Jackson 5 and The Temptations? VH1 Classic shows them all the time. I think they work because they don’t have to cram the lives/careers/traumas/personal arcs of the artists in two short hours. The movies have more than enough time to cover all of this adequately, and feature some excellent song/dance scenes as well.


I feel like a loser 'cause I haven’t seen all these movies everyone’s talking about…


Only reason it’s not on there is I haven’t seen it yet! The Jackson 5 thing sounds a lot like the PT Anderson movie that came out recently, Junun.