Favorite use of music in movies?


I’d have to see Junun before I could make the comparison. I think I like the Jackson 5 movies so much because they’re entertaining and the lives of the subjects involved are so dramatic and just make for great stories. Also, the musical numbers are excellent, and because of the running time of the series overall, the movie is really well-paced. Just my two cents.


Not even, man. It’s what movies you like and how they affect you. PS: The Super 8 soundtrack totally features my kind of music. I’m aware the 80s is when the time period of the film is, but still - Blondie and The Cars? Rad. Did you know that the Disney movie Sky High has surprisingly good soundtrack comprised of all 80s music covers?


I think that the score in Glory is one of the most beautiful and emotionally stirring scores ever. The performances in that movie ride that score like a wave.


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