Feedback on sound design & mix of formula-e promo


Hi everyone,

So… the oher day the FIA Formula-e Championship (which is brilliant, lots of very close racing between many equally matched teams and pilots) released a short video unveiling the next generation of Formula-e cars.

Amazing video, the car looked awesome, the editing was quite cool and worked brilliantly with the music, however, it had no sound effects. A pity in my opinion, because the unique sound of a formula-e engine is one of the sports main characteristics and its unique to it, no other motor sport sounds quite like it.

I decided to add the sound effects myself as an exercise and during the past 4 days I’ve done just that. Now, I’ve had to stop working on this project because my film school homework isn’t gonna do itself, but this is what I’ve achieved so far.

I’d love to hear your thoughts regarding both the sound design and mixing of the video.

Thanks in advanced, Albert


Hey, great idea! I think it really adds to the video. You’re right, quite an epic sound, made me think of spaceships. I do think it would work even better of you extended some of the sound further into the next clip with a fade out rather than just cutting it. Maybe try with a bit of reverb on it as well?


Thanks, @Jasper_Cloud, I’ll give your ideas a go and I’ll let you know how they turn out!


Very Cool! Did you record the car sound effects yourself? If not, what library did you use?


No, unfortunately, I was not able to record the sounds myself. I asked the FIA if they’d allow me to visit the “Valencia” track during testing so that I’d be able to record the cars on a relatively quiet environment without too many distractions. They said that as I was not a member of the media nor a member of the teams I could not be allowed into the track. I also tried other routes but the FIA or the teams either refused (they had their legitimate reasons, they’re not evil people) or didn’t get back to me.

I haven’t been able to find a library of Formula E cars, that’s one of the reasons I was so keen on recording them, so, what I did for my video was download about 5 hours worth of material (races, videos…) both from Formula E’s official YouTube channel, fans and even from the teams themselves! Then I listened to all those hours looking for usable audio clips that I then cleaned up. It was time consuming but the results are worth it.


Great idea and great job :slight_smile:


Really nice work! I really dig what you have here; the effects work great and change well across the picture cuts.

All I really have feedback-wise would be thoughts on where you could maybe push it a little further. These might already be things you had in mind, but here’s a few thoughts :stuck_out_tongue:

0:18 - On the two shots here of parts being put into the car, we don’t see any of the pieces quite lock into place, but I think it’d be nice to still hear things lock into place right on the picture cuts to the next shots. That’d add a cool percussive element, and also help enhance the feeling of the vehicle being assembled.

0:30 - Same thought for the cut here.

0:45 - I just wanted to say that this is my favorite part; I love the high-frequency detail on the wheel close-up, and how transitions into the wider shot right after. Great work!!

0:59 - I feel like the hand here wants some kind of sound cue. Even though it’s not realistic, something to illustrate the emotional connection the person (probably the driver?) has with this vehicle. It could be something like a combination of a cloth brushing sound and maybe a human exhale? It’d take some experimenting, but I feel like there’s a good opportunity to do something abstract here.

1:03 - For consistency, I’d love to hear the machinery here rising up, as well as a cue for the lights changing.

My only other thought overall would be layering in a bit more machine factory noise; I like the somewhat high-pitched steady effects you have, but it feels a little small for what we’re seeing, and for how epic the music is. A little room reverb might give it some weight, but some heavier, hydraulic effects might also help fill it out. Hydraulic stuff tends to have interesting pitch and “shape,” so that’d also give you an extra element to add some energy and motion to the visuals.

Awesome work; thanks for sharing!


Thank YOU for, once again, giving me so much detailed feedback! I’ll be sure to try out what you said and I’ll let you know how it turns out.