Field of Fire Game Build


Kia Ora peeps!
Has anyone thought to ask Freddie and crew if we can build FOF? Would’nt it be awesome if we could actually jam on a working version??

Field of fire first person shooter
Field of fire beta test
Field of fire first person shooter
Possible pre pre pre pre game stage for field of fire
Field Of Fire Game Pitch (Sort of)

I agree! I would play that game non-stop including since I’m buying those sweet A30 headphones!!


with the maps from the series! And the tutorial could be the fruit shooting thing the law does at the end of the second season. bomb defusing, “the pit”, king of the hill, team deathmatch, capture the flag, all the other game modes etc.
Damn I would so buy and play that game!
If I can help, in any way, fear not to ask!


For sure! I was thinking to build my own fps game with Unity and then it just dawned on me why not FOF?


@jasper the more the merrier! How’s your coding? Lol!


Er… non-existant I’m afraid.
I do really want to help in any way I can, I just don’t know if I can in any way.
To be honest I don’t really know much about the creating of games and therefor don’t know in what way I could be of service.
Do you have a list of all the things that need to happen?


I don’t know how to build games but if you or they do make it I’ll be on! and fragging noobs all days


HAHA! I’m more on the UI creation side of things but have been wanting to get into it with a few mates. It would be so good to. Hopefully, if we can get a little crew together and build something, it should be good. Planning to have 3 maps made up: The Pit from S1 for the training part with the ability to beat Jenny’s time in Time Trial mode, TD and CTF for now. Will have to make up a lot of the UI’s for menus, loadouts etc… a ton of work to do so let’s get this thread going and let’s find some talent to get the ball rolling!


Not at the moment. This is just starting out. Trying to find talent/workers to pitch in and work together. Once that’s done, then we can start phase one. :slight_smile:


Thanks for that bro! I wasn’t sure what the scale would be to make something. Not sure how everyone would feel with a 2D RPG but could work if it was in the same style as Ki’s game from S2. Love 8-bit stuff!


Just for kicks this would be the cover :smile:


I would totally be up for helping with this!


10/10 would buy and play


If a 1st or 3rd person shooter would be too expensive or have too heavy a workload, would an isometric shooter be easier?
Also, if anyone ever puts together a full project plan, I’m down to fund it on Kickstarter or Indiegogo.


There should be a mode like Juggernaut from halo where someone is given the title “The Law”, and whenever they spawn it says

“The Law…has entered…THE GAME”


it’d have to include the golden gun(s)


OR… it could be actual Law who goes around pwning everyone like the Mike Myers thing on COD Ghosts!


I was thinking the exact same thing! After you reach a certain kill street you can turn into The Law or a setting to turn into New Law with the coinciding Golden Guns or Desert Eagles(New Laws Guns). maybe they are the same tier and you can choose or you unlock them separately.


Also, the option to place grenades.
I think that’s essential.


Looks like we’ll need to Indiegogo this or something cos i’d really like tah Jam on FOF!