Field of Fire Game Build


In Ae? That’s something you need to do in Photoshop…
If you mean Lightning effects, I take it back. But before doing so, shouldn’t we all agree with the layout first? I definitely want to see your creation! I also have a concept for UI in mind, maybe we can merge them


I mean MoGraph. They’re not finals, they’re concepts so we see what it looks like in motion. I did mention my strength is in MoGraph which is anything graphical that has motion. :smile:

@khomitchr graphically, After Effects. I don’t know UDK or anyone those programs. HA!


I’ll research MoGraph and see how I can manage. By the way i’m in the skype group already as well.


@velvetsenpai you can also do vector output in Ae. Here in my workplace, 90% of all graphics created are within Ae. Besides, you can’t output Ps to mp4, mkv or mxf files for viewing. Ae, Ps and Ai all work in conjunction of each other.


Woops, MoGraph is slang for Motion Graphics - these are the guys that use After Effects. Most VFX stuff done by Rocket Jump is made in After Effects (Ae). :smile:


Im no coder, or expert in anything gamer related but this project sounds like something I would love to become involved in somehow…just let me know.


I should be joining the skype group relatively soon :smile:


Kinda looking for more coders and people willing to learn the UDK, since we are lacking there of people… We have enough people doing sound, videos and PR in general so far. If we need more there, we will let you know. But without coders there won’t be a game


I having basic coding and 3d modeling skills I can help out and improve my skill. I also can make a lot of concept art as well. I’ll help out in every way I can.


We have someone for amazing concept art, but your Coding and Modeling skills will be needed! Waiting for your request on Skype.


Actually, it’s UE4. Those using UDK can translate what they know to UE4 easy! Menus have changed around a bit.


Those who are involved with game mapping, modellers, terrain creation, coding etc (actual builders of the maps, characters) I need your Skype deets. Need to find what your strengths are and to discuss our use of UE4/UDK so that we on the same page. I have a UE4 user from the forums who would assit us in development which is awesomeness!


Do the modellers (terrain builders/characters) need any concept art or anything to gove them a visual of what you want?


We wanna recreate the deserted town map and integrate The Pit, the training stage, into it. So concepts of that would be good but best to keep to the source and then add our own flare!


We’ll need an actual map of that deserted town to base off as the source. I believe it was the same place they shot the Battlefield 3 promo??


If your talking about the one in season one then yes (also I believe it was also the opening of terminator 2 and cod’s black ops live action trailer)


I would be down for helping with the game, I program a little, idk i could help in a number of ways.


That’s the first thing we should find, the irl equivalent of these places, then start modeling.


The map from season 1 is called eagle mountain railriad


Nice work bro! Lets have ageez at it…_