Field of Fire Game Build


sorry I meant eagle mountain iron mine


I would so support it if the memory was not as much and lower power computers can play it like mine i would so buy it and support it if I can.


I wouls personally like to make this with the best graphics possible to best emulate the live actio filming done in the show. We could, however, make several graphical options as to better suit those who are unqble to run such a game


I think being able to tone down graphics is necessary, in order to reach out to everyone who wants to play this game we should make it adaptable to lots of limitations


So this game is in production?


nope, pre-production… very early stages of it. :smile:


Here is another concept I drew up. Possible loading screen maybe???

Get it, there is a field, and it’s on fire. I am hilarious.


It looks amazing!

(need more characters to post, don’t mind this. Wait why did you even read this?)


Just some rough drawings (really rough) of some possible vghs male outfits


Rough? Better then the best drawing I’ve ever done!


yeah, for me it’s not the “best” but when the game gets deeper into development I’ll produce some better art. I was also thinking that each school (16 according to velvetsenpai) will have both male and female skins along with 4 alternate outfits for each gender depending on what map your playing on. Is that a good idea?


Sounds good!

(Just filling up characters)


If this project does start up well I might help out with character animations.
Good luck (:


Add me on Skype, We can add you to the Skype group we formed!

Skype: davidbrinkman6


Just looking at who can do what, we actually have a good bunch of skills. The problem at the moment is that some people have multiple talents. However, aproject like this will require peeps to choose one (and for some two) skills to focus on and will be put into their respective departments. Unfortunately, not everyone who put their hands up will take part so throughout the week i’ll compile a list of roles and will oversee the project with it’s direction, look, theme etc…


there’s got to be some kind of mirrors edge kind of vaulting. maybe not as crazy and unrealistic as that game. I was thinking there could be a weight meter, sort of like an armor amount number in payday or something. the lighter you are the faster you can run and higher you can run up a wall. i could be the one in charge of keeping that realistic (I do parkour and watch many videos, I am even friends with a group of pros called TheWayPK check them out on youtube)


Yes, awesome (i’m not sure if i have the jurisdiction to give you that job though). That would end up having a value for Weight (weight of Armour &/or Weapons) which, as it increases, decreases the value for Speed and Maneuverability (maybe it could impact other values, stamina recharge delay & other such things).
All in all, join the Skype group, i’m sure you could be a great help!


whats the skype

haaaa need extra letters so this isnt important



Add me:



Can people download the game yet?