Field of Fire Game Build


We haven’t even started developing the game yet, so I guess the answer is no… :wink:


This is an awesome idea! I am currently learning to code and would love to eventually help out!


We would love you to help out! Right now, we need as many people with as much technical expertise as we can


We would love to have you! Maybe come in the Skype group so we can talk bout it.

Skype: davidbrinkman6


A short update:
We’re still looking for CODERS! Nothing else so far, we have a lot of GFX Editors, Movie Makers, Designers und music producers.
If you don’t know how to code, but your interested in making a game, feel free to learn how to use a Development Kit (Unreal preferably) and look into a few basics of C++ / C# ! Any help is needed, to get this thing done faster then expected!

On the other side, I was listening to the podcast just now and here’s the thing:
Dez or Matt, I am not sure, answered to following question:
“Will you make a FoF VIdeo Game” with yes. Freddie though stepped in and said "No!"
So, we have no idea, if anything official is coming out, but if so, that wouldn’t be any time in the near future (just like with us). On the other hand, they are Movie Producers and no Game Devs, and I actually doubt they will hire EA, Sledgehammer. Activision or whatever company known for FPS games to make a Video Game called FoF based on the VGHS experience anyways. This would cost A LOT. Even if they had the money, they will most likely focus on producing new shows, better shows and thanks to lionsgate there will be a lot of support, so… yeah.
A last thing, everyone knows VGHS is over, they seemed pretty pissed about people still asking if there will be a new season, since they anounced it a long time earlier and stuff. - EDITED - VGHS: THE ANIMATION! Nothing more to add to this. Same story, just animated. Looked good in the comic version I saw a couple of days ago.
We still will continue our work on the FoF Game none the less and the production is rolling right now :smile:
We have an amazing team of creative and motivated people, awesome designs will show up and we will have a website in the near future, so you might wanna check it out for updates and so on, as soon as the page is online :3


@Faded See the thing is, to make that possible with movements we need a CG Team, a little Hall, Greenscreen, special suites and electronics to catch those. Companies work with that, but they have the money and the people (most likely stuntmen) to do so.
We will stick to what’s given by the UDK at first. If we reach a status to make money for such a production, we will think about that and give it a shot!

The first thing you talked about, I don’t know if that’s really a thing that’s needed. It sounds interesting, but it’s not like what we’ve seen in the show. Of course heavy guns mean slower movement, so this will be a thing. But the rest… that’s too much detail and too much to program into a game for us in this state. What we focus on is things based of the show. Like being able to run without a gun and being able to steal guns from the opponent (S3E3). This seems very interesting and it’s pretty unique. I don’t know any FPS game where you could do such thing in a multiplayer (or singleplayer) yet.


Not one with the codeworks, but I’d love to help with ideas and such.


So… I just went through the Skype chat and it seems that convos have been had but not relayed back to me. Totally in the dark and too many departments in one chat. It needs to be seperatet. But, it seems like @velvetsenpai is taking the reins so with that, I will disband from this project. So good luck to you all.


I didn’t take anything, I was actually just helping out until you were back again, since you weren’t online.
Oh and the seperating thing, I had the same idea just yesterday!

But seriously, you want to disband? That would be such a shame…


Well, Maybe… I don’t know, everyone in the team has ideas, more or less… I don’t know if a “person for ideas” is such a help atm… Though I think it would be kinda funny. Credits roll Person of Ideas: J_K_Moshi" lel. anyways, I will talk to the team, if an Idea head is necessary…
If you could actually represent the ideas in form of pictures or videos, that would be a good thing, but already have kind of a mass of GFX Editors.


Well I was talking about weapon rebalances, some features, that kinda thing. I know that the team obviously has ideas, but I thought I might be of some help when I could just drop by with some ideas,


Come on guys, don’t disband. This is a great idea with so many great people helping, even if it’s only in little steps, we can all help make this game a reality.


I’m confused, well, skype is the easiest way to join
just leave a massage!


That’s true, thank you NotADoctor!
Good aswell, you see all that as a great thing :3


Add me on Skype so I can add you to the group chat.

Skype: davidbrinkman6


Hey Just a suggestion maybe set this up on kickstarter and maybe get money to pay for some Game Developers


I think that is the worst Idea I have ever heard you started this you formed it and you need to finish this game you need to go through whatever it takes you cant just leave it on your team to do it you need to frag noobs together k so dont disband lets keep going okay?

(Sorry for long post : P


When we have literally nothing, we can’t ask people for our money. Once we have a working Alpha we can put it up on Kickstarter or Indiegogo.


Do you guys allready know what you wanna do when the game is in alpha, will it be an Open aplha so we can aplha test it or will it be an closed aplha for only a couple of people to play?


We hope to have a working alpha somewhere in 2015. We haven’t discussed yet if it’s gonna be open or closed.