Field of Fire Game Build


This sounds excellent.
Exactly how can I help?


Add me on Skypem so I can add you to the group chat. We have a voice chat today or tmmrw.

Skype: davidbrinkman6


Sweet. Sounds fun i’ll try to be there.


nice answer to this. gg


Okay, we have NEWS!

So, we haven’t started officially yet and I won’t be spoilering on what we decided to do now, but the plan is ready and random test work begun.
Our current achievement is to recreate the Map from S1E1 and the deadline for the completion with some in game pictures for you will be in 2 Months.
I try not to spoiler too much, but within the next week the development will beginn
Maybe we’ll have some pictures for you on christmas, but I don’t make any promises and I don’t want to rush the devs currently trying to figuring out the engine.

The main point of this message is:
It begins… Cinematic blend


Yeah! Let’s go team!
(Just in case i missed the conversation, can you post the details on the skype group :smile:)


wait could I join please I would really like to work on it with you guys


Add me on Skype so we can talk about it.

Skype: davidbrinkman6


A small update.

Yesterday we had a Skype call about it. As you have read in Velvet’s post we are gonna start making the first map. Me and Adam will be doing that in this 2 months. If there are people with UE or CRYENGINE map making skills around here, please let me know!


Sweet. Will you be handing out beta versions for testing?


We will, but we’re not sure how and when.


Oh, and it’s also a shame to see raiden leave. Also just created this, please comment on which department you want to be in


We already have this in the skype, and we have teamspeak Space, could you please remove this comment?


Would be great if you can send it to also send it to us via Skype!


For sure! Just filling characters


I know how to animate and create models n’ stuff so ya im only 14 sooo but i know a lot of stuff on maya but I would love to help


You guys have an incredible amount of work ahead of you! However, if it’s not common knowledge, it might be useful to know that the S1E1 map was shot at Mojave Airport. Seen on Google Maps, the T-shaped building just above the pin is where Brian’s teammates are holed up at the very start of the episode. The tower on the roof of the same building is where The Law spawns in. Other than that it’d likely take a lot of creative embellishment to make it a playable map, but here you go:


We’re always looking for people who can help, age isn’t necessarily a restriction on skill.


I would like to help. I’m quite into 3D graphics. This more like a hobby but i think i could be useful. What sould i do?


Thanks for the Google maps link, That will be really useful for me!