Field of Fire Game Build




Contact me on Skype!

Skype: davidbrinkman6


I need this now i have seen all VGHS episodes in 2 days and no i dont have a PROPLEM!

okey maybe a little one.


Everything is there! See you on Skype this Sunday @ 8pm GMT+1 (For US East that is 2 pm) for a major group call, please don’t try to miss it. If you don’t have a mic, write in chat, but a microphone is always useful, even if you have to use your phone or SingStar microphones or a cheap $5-10 mic.
I leave the message in here and again I will post the link to the google document I created for the plan.
If you are a coder or in charge for graphics or 3D / Moddeling make sure to PM David Brinkman so he can tell me and I can make a more detailed plan on Sunday for us all!


Could you support mac? :smiley: ya i use mac


Guys you have a ton of work to do, but remember this… You can’t make FoF another CoD or Run and Gun game you need to make it specific from the game such as… Interactive Disarming, you need to make a item that needs to be in the class for looking at the minimap it will show gunshots but it shows that you need a person in the back watching the map with the special item, you also need Red/Blue shot signs, Destructive Envoirment, and lastly Different gamemodes new custom ones that arent just the regular Team Deathmatch or Capture the Flag… I think this game is a wonderful Idea but heed my advice : D


WE know that, don’t worry @12boombox. We keep focused on the stuff based off the series, so will be the gameplay, so will be the multiplayer. It will be a very unique FPS experience!
But let’s stay realistic, since it takes a lot of time, we still need more people who are experienced and or motivated. If we get the thing to work at least alpha, we can definitely punch something off faster!

Supporting Mac is very hard with that type of game. Assuming we will add a WHOLE BUNCH of extras from the show in it (approx. 10+ GB), we would need to improve performance, recode etc etc for Mac. So you get the Bootcamp on or get a windows PC or laptop, since they’re cheap :smiley:


I believe you guys got this you seem to have a good connection with everyone fast replying and I hope this will be the next top game


Thanks, we hope that, aswell :smile:
I myself can’t wait for the time we have the first Map pictures -


I would love to help, sadly i’m just now seeing this thread and don’t know what to do! I see there will be a skype call on Sunday and I can possibly tune in. If you could shoot me an email at or just reply and let me know what help is needed, myself and possibly one other are willing to help in any way!


Contact me on Skype! I’m sure wa can find something you like to do!

Skype: davidbrinkman6


I can help in pretty much in every part of the game.

So let me know when you are starting this project because I’m really interested!


So how far are you guys into the game? Anyways I will try to join to be of ANY help possible. Do you mind if I bring my friend in? He’s a big fan of VGHS too.




Add me on Skype, so we can talk about this. Of course your friend can also help if he wants , Moshi.

Skype: davidbrinkman6


Wow, so much enthusiasm! This is awesome!

I see a lot of people here who know how to model & stuff, but I think going with UE4 is a bad idea for the sole reason that you have to pay. VGHS is free on YouTube, so Field of Fire should be free too right

That being said, is there anyone here who’s really serious about coding? I’ve been doing C++ for years and I’m pretty confident I could handle that side of things, which leaves modeling/rigging/level design.

As for an engine, we should start with Cube 2: They already have netplay, weapons, modeling, and some other stuff figured out – we’d have to make some hefty mods for vehicles and user authentication but it’s 100% doable.

Also, I think Skype is way too prohibitive – people have to sign up and we’d have to give them access. Why don’t we use IRC instead? That way it’s out in the open and anyone can do it.

We probably should start there, then create TODO lists and see how we can get non-coders and non-artists involved.


Also for anyone who’s asking: Sauerbraten comes with a bunch of textures and models, and it works on Windows and Mac already so a lot of the work in that regard is done. Plus it’s 100% free, we can do what we want with it :smile:




Well you guys can also use Teamspeak 3 its way better then skype and everything else.


I will definitely play this game if you are getting it to work :slight_smile:


Just in case you guys still need people who aren’t really good at anything (heh), I’m here. Don’t really have much coding experience but I would definitely be willing to work myself into it if needed, I’m also studying comp sci currently (first semester tho), so in half a year I’d probably be able to help out either way.

If there’s any need for it I do have a vServer with TS3 running on it (not many slots though because you need a license for more than 32, but should you ever need one for quick communication and don’t want to use skype for whatever reason, just tell me). Should you need a server to try things out on I could host it on mine if you want, it’s not very powerful but should be able to run a game server for testing purposes just fine.

And if there’s no need for any of this, I still look forward to playing it once you’re done ^^


We never said the game is gonna be free. To put in the features we really want, we need to have money. Also, there are going to be servers, which are expensive. The game is probably gonna cost a small price.


Contact me on Skype!
Skype: davidbrinkman6