Field of Fire Game Build


then take my money and give me FOF


hey we could make it a free to play then to play online is free but to have a bunch of the cool stuff is money like duel wielding golden guns like the law could be like a dollar or we could just make it money all together

oh and release it on steam :smile:


While you can ask for donations under certain conditions, you can’t sell a fan project for money; at that point it’s not a fan project.


So has there been any progress on this? I would definitely sign up and play this as soon as it went into Beta


Agreed. Exactly that. My idea was simple. One map, one player, BETA release, free. Now? not so much…


I have some ideas : 1. you can pick up stuff from the map like a little stone to throw or that you can throw the flag (box) (like you throw things in CS:GO ) but that it actually hurts the enemy if it hit’s them or like what Brian have done in the last episode that he made the enemy fall down to the ground ( i think you understand what i’m talkin’ about ) .
2. if you go dual pistols like The Law you can maybe move one pistols and to aim to other direction . that would be Just AWESOME !
3. that you could use Binoculars like Ki have done .
5. you dont really need to do all of the stuff that i have wrote .
6. that you could do some (2-5) basic Fighting moves ( i mean like punch,kick …) this one is actually the most important i think .


ive wrote some ideas to the late dev . hope you will read it .


and one more thing : the damage Effect / animation . i really think that the animations are very very very very very very important here cause the series made the game like real life , i mean the moves that they do are not always the same like all the games so there should be more than one animation for stuff like for climbing ,reloading , switching weapon …


alfredmayo is my skype username i am skilled at graphic art and desing


there is another thread that are planning on making a vghs game where you walk around and free roam vghs and then you can go and play the games which are feild of fire overdrift etc would there be any way that we could like these two treads together?


@RAIDEN_WARB0UND i am not skilled in the sort of design that @Outofspace did. i can design all the class creation avatar creation and main menu screens i would love to do that in this project.
thanks for keeping the reign of VGHS going man .


i have started desingning the minimaps of the pit and mojav airport already there nearly fineshed


Could we see the maps?


please take to mind that they are not final outcomes more effort and detail will be added that’s just a rough idea so that you can compliment and ill add and takeaway things that you want to change. i will have the pit completed befor the Skype meeting tomorrow add me :alfredmayo -Alfie Kelly from England



Amazing work! Hope to talk to you tomorrow!


If you guys do decide to do a page on Kickstarter please let me know and I will be one of the first to donate! Have a good day.


So… I come back to the forum after a long hiatus and all of a sudden we’re making a game. This is the kind of place you wish you have any sort of dev knowledge.


Yeah no joke. You should try to contact the DICE Developer and try to work some numbers out if you guys are 100% serious with this.


add meh to the call please but I prob won’t be available to join the call