Field of Fire Game Build


will you have maps from the show.


yeah i am doing the pit today and i am finalizing the mojav airport one now


is the skype meeting tonight and what time (BRITISH TIME)


This article here is something you should all consider before making any attempt on this. Something that has been pushed aside and not taken seriously. I did ask Freddie via twitter and @RJ email before any ideas surfaced but no reply still. I know they’re got a lot on their plate and takes at least 2-3 weeks to go through all them emails but something to keep in that subconscious guys.

Don’t want all that hard work going down the drain… :confused:


It’s different for a few reasons, namely that it’s a remake in the same medium. FoF as a fan adaptation is a different beast, and frankly I think you’d have heard an official negative by now if it were to be shut down. If it follows “good fan game” policies, it shouldn’t be an issue.

The bigger issue is that anything this ambitious needs a leader and a couple key staff putting in basically full-time hours. There needs to be a clear, coherent vision for the game from the top-down, with clear organization and deadlines, or it’s just going to be a bunch of noise.

I’d like to bring up Black Mesa as a model, the fan remake of Half-Life (which was successfully released with no issue from Valve). Keep in mind that Black Mesa, a short, single-player game done in Source, a relatively accessible and scalable engine, took a team of 40 people (more when you consider their list of “past contributors”) eight years to complete. However, according to this interview, when the project began, nobody was professionally in the games industry as a day job. However, clarity of vision is essential.


Awesome reply @Kevin_Senzaki! Thanks for elaborating. Was not sure where we sat with any official decision but by the sounds of it, it’s an ok. Not a solid one but one we’ll take. I pulled off the project 'cos it went from simple to not so simple and as you said, “a bunch of noise” - that’s what’s happening. If there was someone from RJ who could take the reins of Producer/ Production Manager, then i’d jump back on 'cos atm, there is none.


We’re pretty good for the copy right stuff freddie said that fan projects are ok as long as we don’t profit if not that’s something we have to discuss with him but so far we’re planning on doing this completely free.


Please see my above post; you don’t need to discuss it with Freddie, and, while his approval means something symbolically, the legal side of it rests with other people, literally the legal team. You’re obligated to release it completely for free (it doesn’t mean you won’t have production expenses, however). If it becomes a for-profit game, it can’t be FoF anymore (though it can be “inspired by”).

As far as getting things together, I posted about design documents earlier in this thread. I would strongly urge anyone serious about the idea to check that post out and get drafting. Good luck!


:trollface: :trollface: :trollface: :trollface: :trollface: haha nevermind then


I would love to join this team, I have a very basic knowledge of Game Maker and Programming, but I am very willing to learn anything that is needed for this project to make it into the FoF that I want to play so badly


Contact me on Skype:

Skype: davidbrinkman6


I also would love to help on the design of the game and i am very advanced in this field and would love to contribute to the process of designing this game…

Contact me at : 248-914-8137
Skype : austin redlin
Email at…


Hey David, it’s me, moshi. The accounts arent working so I had to create a new account. I added you in skype, can you reply?


i would love to help create FOF it sounds amazing but i have very little knowledge in game design … i know the very basics i taught myself using unity if… theres any way i could be of help feel free to email: me or add me on steam: Lachlan1212


I cant code but im willing and able to learn


Skype connor.carson99
if I can help at all


I can beta test Skype is live:cnrman_1


We currently need programmers. I’ll talk to the team and we’ll see. Also, I added you on steam


Also. I can make the site and probably help design…


I have emailed Facepunchstudios studios, creator of rust and Garry’s mod to see if they can help