Field of Fire Game Build


We don’t use Unity, but I think you can help. Add me on Skype:



Next time, could you contact us first about e-mailing game studios? If everyone mails random studios, it would get a lil messy.

Add me on Skype: davidbrinkman6

PS Don’t reply anymore to Raiden, he disbanded.


Nice!! we could use some of that. Hit me up in skype


Whoa, do they have time for things like this?


The answer’s going to be no. Game studios are companies, and the people who work there make their livelihood creating games. A company can’t pitch in on an unpaid, inherently unprofitable passion project. Individuals case-by-case can be different, but a company can’t officially sign on for an effort like that.

The structure, discipline and knowledge from a “real” game studio is what you need to provide yourself. I’ll avoid repeating things I’ve posted earlier, but you need a couple things:

Dedicated, full-time leadership
Clear, concise document explaining the gameplay flow and structure
Clear assignments and division of labor
Lots and lots and lots of time

You guys may be there already, but if not, all I’ll say is the above need to be your priorities. Best of luck!


Well Waddlespalsh if they were to use Cube 2 it would give them certain restrictions to graphics, and as you know VGHS is the MOST realistic shooter so, I am just go out and say they probobly wont use Cube 2


As long as we get enough to keep the game running it isnt For-Profit


Waddlesplash (Augustin) is one of the devs of FoF. He told us about the great possibilities with Cube2, since it’s simple and good. The graphics of Cube2 look outdated indeed, that’s why we use Tesseract ( as engine. It works almost the same as Cube2, but looks great graphics wise.


Not true. You can accept donations under most circumstances, but you cannot “sell” the game for a price or mandatory subscription fee, because you are then profiting (receiving money in any amount) from an intellectual property that you are not licensed to use for commercial purposes. It doesn’t matter if the game actually makes a net profit or dips into the red, the way that money is raised is what makes the difference.

Thoughts on a thread about the ins-and-outs of financing fan projects @Lauren @Nick? (Possibly even a RJFS lesson on it, since so many YouTube projects are also fan-films?)


A thread would be great, since we can refer to it every time a question pops up in one of these threads without needing to answer them over and over. I fully support you making a thread and even starting it off with a long okay-sit-down-kids-here-is-how-things-work rant.


I agree, it’s better off telling everyone straight out what should and shouldn’t be done than leaving it until there is a problem.


That is true but consider those who would contest those decisions. I tried that with choosing an engine (and it’s by far the best out there) and people were saying let’s use this or that. Even with the numerous posts, some agreed - some didn’t.

Not sure what the progress is tho but i’m pretty sure @velvetsenpai and crew will do it justice! :smile:


Hey guys, I know I am a little late to this party here, but I would be down for helping out in any way I can here. I am fairly artistic, and I would more than down for brainstorming ideas, characters, weapons, map details etc…
If you guys need anything, let me know, I have 6 weeks of Christmas break coming up here very soon, so I’ll have plenty of time over December and January, and even into the school year when I head back to university.


can you pls make a website or just post the proggres pls. FAST


I’m not on the project anymore but am sure the guys will update everyone when the time comes. :smile:


why did you leave the project?


To concentrate on my short films and brush up on VFX. I’ve said it earlier in the thread aswell. :smile: BUT I am working on a version that was my original idea from the get go with 2 other actual game devs using the same engine. My project is not related to this one.

That is all. #teehee


I’d love to get this trending


Need to learn fps shooting let me know


A small update about the project.

Currently we are working hard on the map, and we are now doing interior and details. We are now looking into adding in 3D objects into the engine and textures is the next step. We are also gonna need coders. We need to mod guns into the engine, since the guns in it right now just suck (play some and you know what I mean). Check out this forum post: