Field of Fire Game Build


Reflection is good! But I feel like Kevin might have been advising that everyone on the project think about this personally, and not necessarily point fingers publicly. I would suggest against finger-pointing in general actually, but especially in a community this small. If anyone else has anything to add about this, please keep it respectful.


Ahhhh darn!! Sorry to hear about this guys…


If you ask the field of fire people to see if they have the game and are able to give it to you, you could just go off there… (With permission or is it not copyrighted.)


Not to rag on you razm but this project was terminated a long time ago


I was part of the team.


I’m currently studying Diploma in Digital Animation.
Might be able to help out after that. :smile:

Also, you might need to ask from DICE if you wish to know more of the realistic graphics and physics like they made in Battlefield.

Looking forward to help out!


Unfortunatly, this project stopped a while ago.


The project seems to have stopped for now, but it’s still good to know that it’s unprofessional (not okay) to ask for help from a company like DICE on a fan project. Fan Projects: The Things You Need to Know!


The layout from VGHS actually looks really good, would be an amazing game


While it would be an amazing game indeed, the team just don’t have enough skill to pull this off.


Hey guys!

 I am a pretty good C++ and Java Script writer!  I can totally help in creating this game.  It has always been my dream to do this!


As mentioned before, this project stopped a while ago.


Since it seems like this thread is winding down now that the project has stopped, I’m going to close the topic. However! If anyone would like it re-opened in the future to re-start the project, just message me and let me know.




Hello fellow people,
I am thinking about doing a pre game build stage for field of fire. i know it has been done before. if this gets started we will go slow and build it up


ok guys. im trying to rebuild this topic. whos with me?


Hi there, I was the graphic designer/concept artist for the original dev team of Field of Fire. I was thinking of reopening this topic but then I realized that it would end up not succeeding like before. If you wish to create this game, I wouldn’t start it in the Rocketjump Forums, as not a lot of people have the direct background in game design. If you really want to make this game, I would go to a different forum site that is specifically for games or game design.

Sincerely Curtis


Hey @daynish, I agree w/ @Outofspace in that if you’re looking for collaborators, you probably want to find them in a game-dev setting, not here. Building a game is a really hard thing to do. It has all of the complexity of both big-ticket software and mega productions like film. And even if you manage to execute perfectly on all of the project stuff, in the end it needs to be “fun”…and that’s really hard to define/measure.

While I think it’s beyond awesome that fans are jazzed enough to try, if you want to succeed, you’re going to at least need some experienced leadership.


Was also active part of the original team, and I also thought of reopening this thread someday, but, similar to @Outofspace I knew that the project would probably strand again. In the scenario that you’ll restart the project, send me a message, would love to hear about it.