Field of Fire Game Build


Re-bumping! It’s not my particular area of expertise, but here’s the starting point before you get nitty-gritty with stuff like an engine and assets and features and whatnot:


Completely agreed. That’s definitely one thing that went wrong last time. Nobody really knew what to do, which caused some chaos.


That’s probably not a good idea to start working on this project if you don’t have a solid video game making experience.
A real game is really hard to create and a good 3D FPS cannot be made in 2 months (nor in 2 years).

TL;DR You need a profesionnal team to create that game.


Either that, or you need to accept that it’s going to be a fun learning project, and not a huge AAA undertaking and thus restrict the project to a few people.

Here’s the basic rule: you need better management/organization the more people you have and the more distance there is between them. If it’s just three dudes hacking on Sundays you don’t need much. Add more people, different levels of experience, and spread them out across the continents and you’ll need much better and more experienced management to pull it off.


If anyone actually wants to make this, I can do modeling and animation.


Hey guys, I just re-watched all of the amazing VGHS (for like, the fifth time) and now more than ever, I CANNOT stop thinking about the Field of Fire game, and how cool it would be to play it, and I believe that a game should be made- both based on the VGHS series (duh) and ideas pitched by all of you amazing fans out there- so hurry, brainstorm, re-watch for details, the good and the (however scarce) bad, and reply on this topic.

                  **Remember, THERE ARE NO BAD IDEAS**


It seems like in the D404 episode “Impulse”, the sequel to Field of Fire was an actual game. What did you guys use for that? A reskin of Halo? And if so can we have it.


It’s Titanfall 2! We worked with the developer Respawn, and they helped us do the ultra-high-framerate capture we needed for the slow motion effect on the footage.


it would be great to play it


I’d happily compose concept art for various things. For example: weapons, items, etc…


Love the enthusiasm but I’m sorry to say this project is dead in the water and has been for some time.


I love how every few months-year I still get an e-mail notification about how people are excited about this project and want to help. It means the community isnt dead. Unfortunatly developing a game like FoF is near impossible for a passionate but unskilled team (nobody had any experience in game development. We had some very skilled people, just not for a game like we wanted to develop). We found that out a few weeks into this project.