Field of Fire Game Build


Sweet! I would buy the game NOW!! Take my money Please! :smile:


Awesome @Jake_Rodriguez! Maybe you could work along side @velvetsenpai. My role is to oversee everything so we all on the same page, same theme, feel etc… You’d be a great addition!


Btw the RJ Community FOF account is me!


I knew it! HEHE! We need your Skype bro! and some input into the Social Media side of things. @DavidBrinkman is keen to help you there but we’re in Phase One of sorting out the team. :smile:


I accepted his request!


I probably won’t be able to join in on the Skype party, but If someone makes a google doc or something, I could put in my plans/ concepts for this game.

Amazing to see this start to get organized!

“Well, Good luck!.. to us…”


I believe there is a game that does these things and is actually Globally Ranked called “Counter-Strike Global Offensive”.

Maybe you could check out this game and get some good Ideas for the game you are making. CS:GO has the bomb diffusion and sponsored world competitions.



Good luck indeed… this is by far the most zaniest thing I have ever attempted… haha! @velvetsenpai got your back bro!


Thanks @khomitchr! Will add to the list.


No Sweat. I’m not a pro coder, but I can program in Java, C++ and wright scripts in VBS, Batch, Bash if you need and programming help and of course I LOVE GAMING!



Ok then! We will for sure include your docs in our meetings!


Yes we do! Very grateful if you join :smile:


So, if anything, whoever wants to join skype, here again:

Chaika / Velvet

I am waiting for your request and will add you to the chat!
As for today evening I will be at a LAN party. This will be awesome!

About CS:GO, I played it and I don’t really like it. The Bomb defusing won’t be anything like in those games, we want to make it like in the show. Of course the regular “F” will be included in the regular gamemodes.


How do I join your group. Reason I’m asking is because i just joined this community about 30 minutes ago. Also, what do use for collaboration? online software like WebEX?



Ok got it. Adding to my skype now.


Add on Skype, I will include you to the Skype Conversation.
What we use for collaboration? Well, that’s up to everyone, I guess.
Depending on what you do, different kind of software is needed.
If I plan on doing music with another member, I will do that live.
If you code, you might want to use teamviewer or multiviewer or something.


That’s great! We needed someone with C++. How are you with UI’s and menus?


Kind of Noob, but I’m able to adapt very fast by researching and testing on my systems.



I’ve already constructed some menus including title screen in Ae, so will make a low res mp4 for you to work with. I’m not sure how easy it will be for you but we can bounce off each other. Sweet as?


Are you using UDK or something else?