Field Of Fire Game Pitch (Sort of)


Hey guys, I just re-watched all of the amazing VGHS (for like, the fifth time) and now more than ever, I CANNOT stop thinking about the Field of Fire game, and how cool it would be to play it, and I believe that a game should be made- both based on the VGHS series (duh) and ideas pitched by all of you amazing fans out there- so hurry, brainstorm, re-watch for details, the good and the (however scarce) bad, and reply on this topic.

                  **Remember, THERE ARE NO BAD IDEAS**


Oh boy haha.

Story time a few years ago a group of very passionate group of community members attempted to go toward making the game and it really didn’t go anywhere. While I love your enthusiasm creating a game is easier said than done. With that being said I’m going to merge you topic with the existing one.

Feel free to give it a read


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