Field Trip: Dolby Cinema - OFFICIAL DISCUSSION


Hey friends! RJFS is back with a new video!! Woooo!

In this video, we road trip back to Dolby HQ in San Francisco to check out their brand new research lab and theater. Utilizing Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, and comprehensive design, our friends have created an incredible movie-going experience. It sounds dorky but as film nerds, we were genuinely blown away by the sound, visuals, and thoughtfulness that went into building the theater.

DISCLOSURE: this video was produced and financed in collaboration with the Dolby Institute. If you want to check them out, you can go to their site here. Very special thanks to Glenn Kiser, Nancy Gribler, and Alejandro Arroyo for being such excellent hosts!

To find your local Dolby Cinema, click here:

To watch more interviews with filmmakers about the Dolby mastering process:

Here’s a link to a great video detailing the evolution of Dolby surround:

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We missed you all!!




Shame we don’t get more theatres like that around. The experience would be amazing to have as standard!

P.S. Are we getting more one-off’s like this or is an upload schedule in the works? :slight_smile:


Hey Alex!!

Wouldn’t it be amazing? It looks like in the US the dominant partner for Dolby Cinema is AMC so maybe there’s one by you?

Re: RJFS videos, one-offs are more likely for the time being. If there is a new regular schedule, there will definitely be an update about that. Hoping we can make another one soon. Hope you are well! :slight_smile:


Unfortunately, AMC doesn’t even exist across the pond. There are a fair few IMAX cinemas around which are also supposed to be quite impressive, but I’ve never looked into why!

That’s okay, we’ll happily take some great one offs instead of nothing at all. Looking forward to see another at some point.

And thank you! Hope the Michigan trip went well. The Roscoe pupdates were awesome as always :smile:


You’re a sight for sore eyes Cherish :slight_smile: Hope y’all are okay, thanks for the new video!

Dolby, for me was an idol before the internet revolution here. My friend had a demo disc he copied for me that was basically a lot of Dolby sorround demos, a few THX demos, and 5.1 music cues like James Bond, Star Wars, Elfman’s Spider-Man, it was the shit to me back then.


Dolby was definitely a blast. When we went on our first field trip there, the building was under construction in some parts, including the cinema, so it was so awesome to go back and see how things finished up. Hope you all get the chance to experience what we got to see and hear. @aoshaw21 I checked and there didn’t seem to be one near you, as you said. I hope it’s one of their upcoming projects, fingers crossed. Let us know how IMAX compares if you go!

The team is doing great. Nice to keep up with you guys and hope you’re doing well too! :smile:


Turns out there’s a Dolby cinema in the city I’m going to school in. I’ll be checking this out asap.

Glad to hear from you guys again!


Was way too cool. I checked out the video and the cinema was amazing. Wish we had one with such standard here in Nigeria😕