Film-maker networking!


So the last forum had an area for people to network for making films, videos and other such things, which I thought was neat. If you wanna make or act in videos, post your area and meet some friends! I’m in the ontario area and looking as well. :slight_smile:

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Film-maker networking (Europe)
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Italy,Padova. People willing to help in making short films
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How about this – post your:

  • General location
  • Skill set
  • Resources available to you
  • What you’re looking for (you need help on a short, or you want the chance to do post-production for someone, or you want to act, etc.)

For example, for me:

  • Location: Los Angeles, CA
  • Skills: I can do some really basic sound and music stuff, super basic editing, and online marketing.
  • Resources: Basic software. I have no good camera or sound equipment, but if I did, this is where I would say that :slight_smile:
  • Looking for: Nothing right now, this is an example :slight_smile: If anyone wants help crowdfunding or is looking for some freelance social media or community management work, I might be able to help.

Introduce Yourself!
Film-maker networking (Europe)

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Skills: Editing, Camera operator, First AC, First AD, and screenwriting
Resources: Avid, Premier and after effects. MMS scheduling and budgeting. Final Draft.
I’d be happy to help anyone and all who ask for it!


This is a fantastic idea! MAKE SOME MOVIES YOU GUYS!!!

EDIT: I will see if I can add a section for networking and crewing up in RJFS forums.


Location: The Netherlands (preferably Overijssel)
Skills: Basic editing, (voice) acting (or at least I’d like to try), story writing.
Resources: A not too bad videocamera (including tripod), Zoom H4N, Bouncecard, adobe premiere pro CC 2014 and other adobe programs

I’d be happy to help anyone with a good idea in whatever way I can (or can learn to)


Location: UK
Skills: Music composing, basic editing and photography.
Resources: Getting a DSLR for Christmas, editing softwares.
Looking For: Small projects to be part of, using any of the skills or resources above :smiley:


Is there an age limit on RJFS? and will we need to be following along as you go or we can come back to it on christmas because im not sure if i want a camera before christmas to follow along with the film school or get a camera for christmas and be behind, please help!


Of course there is no age limit buddy! All you need is the right mindset I don’t know about the following along thing but I would!


Thanks man appreciate it!


Super-agree with @Kevin_Nguyen ! You’re never too old or too young to learn, and the most valuable attribute you can grow at a younger age is the self-motivation to keep learning, to get yourself out there and absorb new information and skills, like an eternal sponge.

Except if it’s holding your liquor. I can’t condone that if it’s illegal in your country at your age.


-Location: Brabant (Netherlands)
-Skills: Can write about anything, for example I made an story only whit these topics: Friend/Foe, The Metro Station, The year 2001, and the season Winter.
-Resources: I use Word and some healthy dosses of awsome DUBSTEP! :smiley:

  • Looking for: An excuse to write about something awsome and special.


Nope, no age limit! And you can start, stop, and restart anytime you want. New videos will be uploaded weekly and will have their own channel and section on the website! :blush:


SKILLS - Video Editing, Digital Composition, Sound Design, VFX, Motion Graphics, Camera Operator, Acting, Directing.
RESOURCES - Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premier, Adobe Photoshop, Pro Tools, Cinema 4D, Blender, Maya, 3DS Max.
LOOKING FOR - Any projects that need Editing, VFX, Motion Graphics, or sound design to add to my portfolio, willing to help out anyone in need. Hope to become a feature film video editor in the future, but will to do what it takes to get out there.

  • Location: Ada, OH
  • Skills: Writing, Acting, Directing, Editing, VFX, Sound Design, but primarily: Performing Comedy
  • Resources: Canon T2i, Rode VideoMic, Green Screen, Ppro AE, Soundbooth
    - Looking for: Actors with their own HD camera and green screen that would like to act in my Sci-Fi Comedy show, Space Pilots


Location: Atmore, AL
Skills: Filming, editing, and visual effects
Resources: OpenShot Video Editor, and Panasonic SD cameras
Looking for: Any tips my friends and I could have in producing a YouTube series. We have produced a movie in high school but due to limited time and resources it only turned out ok. So really just any helpful suggestions would be great!


Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
Skills: 3d animation, VFX, Video Editing.
Resources: 3ds max, Adobe After Effect, Adobe Photoshop, Vegas, Basic Realflow, Basic Mocha, Basic Boujou.
Looking for: experiences and anything to increase my abilities.


General location: Portland, Oregon
Skill set: writing, directing, assistant directing (pizza selection, too)
Resources available to you: a clacker, a copy of Celtx, Rode Videomic and aCanon T1i
What you’re looking for: actors, sound techs, editors for action/crime/drama shorts.


Hello I am stuck in the brain storming of an action short i cant think of my next video project. I have a good background in vfx and editing and I want to learn more of that type of stuff. I always get stucjk on the storyside and that is what my videos always lack so that is where i need help. If you have any ideas please share them I would be happy to colab


What sort of projects are you looking for? Narrative short? Action, comedy, etc.? What skills do you have or are interested in learning? By “money is no issue,” are you potentially offering to help produce/finance a short?

More info should help you get better responses! And welcome, by the way :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks so much I appreciate it a lot