Film-maker networking!


I happen to live in Medford NJ!


I’m in Montclair NJ!


Hi! I always love collaborating with people.

Location: Dayton, Ohio. I’m actually just outside of Dayton, but we can work out more details via PM’ing somewhere else!

Skill Set: Moderate Editor/Foley Artist/Colorist. I have access to DSLRs, lenses, and some audio gear, and I consider myself to be pretty good as a DP. I have helped many people with their scripts, e.g. giving advice critiques.

Resources: Premiere Pro, Canon Rebel T3i and T3.Various lenses, and microphones and the Zoom H4n.

Looking For: Anything in any aspect! I will have you know, my least favorite is pre-production, though. I love helping out on set and edit stuff all the time!

Note to mods!: Can i post an email for contact purposes?


How are you in two places at once?


I’m Northern/Central Jersey. I live about 2 hours away from you, which might be a little far, but lemme reintroduce myself in a new post.


Hey guys, me again. I thought I’d update my old info with what I’m currently working with.

Location: New Brunswick, NJ

Skill Set: Writing, Directing, Cinematography, Editing, VFX, Producing, 3D Animation

My Resources:
Nikon D3300 (With teleophoto, wide, and zoom lens)
H4N Zoom
Rode STG-1
A Titan X powered monster workstation
One Lav mic system
Some lights
Portable green screen and green studio
Adobe Creative Suite
3ds Max
A bunch of people

My Crew’s Resources:
Canon T5i Rebel
Canon T3i
Panasonic GH4
More computers and software

Looking For: People to make cool stuff with. I’m here to have fun, make cool stuff, and meet great people. I’m also here to teach. If you have any questions about filmmaking and aren’t getting responses from others or want someone to one-on-one with, send me a message. I’d love to help.


I’m from south Jersey, but I attend Film School at Montclair State University in North Jersey


Sweet man, PM me and we can talk about stuff


Location: Mexico
Skills: Photography and writing
Resources: A 5D Canon Mark II, ZOOM-H6, one Sennheiser boom, Final Cut Pro x and Adobe CC6
Looking For: International Collabs or I could be able to travel to some countries (next September im going to be in Austria).

Cheers mates!


haha! i’ll be in Dayton from the ninth to the eleventh visiting family! actually not entirely sure where i’ll be.


I’m a bit of a jack-of-all-trades. I’ve been very luck to have had the chance to wear many hats. Lately I’ve been mostly focusing on the filmmaking process and making my workflow better. My latest venture has been to produce, film, edit and market for an online talk show as well as different freelance projects.

  • Location: Los Angeles, CA (Pomona area, I can pretty much be anywhere in SoCal within an hour)

  • Skills: Writing, producing, directing, videography/photography, lighting, basic color grading, editing video and touching up pictures (mainly Premiere and Photoshop but I’ve at the very least played with other popular programs), graphic design (shirts, posters, branding etc) basic vfx (#videocopilotsavedmylife), basic sound editing and engineering, live theater stage management, live theater light and sound engineering, prop and set design, web dev, some programming, social media marketing, fundraising, fund handling, event planning and management. Basically I’m willing to do anything behind a camera or computer or even the workshop if I don’t know how to do it I’ll learn it.

  • Resources: Adobe Suite also cool fonts and some neat plugins and other stuff, Canon EOS T5i (with magic lantern), Canon 50mm 1.8f, Canon 35-70mm 3.5f (yeah old school), Zoom H4n, Benro monopod.

  • Looking for: People who’re passionate about filmmaking to build or even join a team for a long term basis with which I can grow and work on different projects oh and making money would be nice too.

@Mythosgreer @doughertyg3 and other LA people don’t hesitate to hit me up.

  • General location: Daytona Beach, Florida
  • Skill set: I’ve tried to learn the basics of most roles but I focus on Cinematography/gaffing/photography. OtherwordsI’m a light guy. Also interested in learning more about Color grading.
  • Resources available to you: I have a shooting kit covering all my basic needs as I work in the photo and video industry. So I have my self covered with a basic sound kit and invested in some great glass and lighting gear.
  • What you’re looking for: While I have spent tons of hours learning I need to rebrand and create a better demo reel so I am working for more projects to work on. Also interested in finding a mentor for when it comes to color grading since it now plays such a heavy role on the visual look of films.


I guess this is just for ppl near Cali… lol :smile:


I’m fairly new at this whole filmaker thing but if anyone in the area will work with me please hit me up with a PM!

  • Location: Austin, Texas

  • Skills: Editing Video, Cinematography (to an extent) , In the process of learning VFX, and not much else :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Resources: Soon getting a basic D3200 Nikon DSLR along with Adobe Premiere and After Effects!

  • Looking for: At this point someone to colaborate and make films with and at the end of the day to have fun!


Haha I used to live in Texas. I now live in the tip of Tennessee (east TN) but I can definetaly help you out with script and screenwriting stuff, and things like that. Just shoot me over a private message! :smile:


Well as much as I would love to travel the world Im still stuck in uni. But if you ever do find yourself in LA I would love to work with you. Or if there is any way we can collab over the interwebs we could always have fun with that as well.


Same here im still in uni. but we could try some crazy thing one day…


Who’s from Melbourne Australia?


you might want to check out this australia specific thread:


Anybody from Hyderabad, India