Film-maker networking!


Location: Wellington, New Zealand
Skills: video editing, small scale production management, photography, minimal experience in camera op & assist
Resources: at the moment nothing post-production wise as my current work is supplying it (but I’m pricing an edit suite and have Adobe CC and eventually Avid to go with it for my own use), Canon 50D + prime & basic zoom lens

Looking for:
Once I have my edit suite (which would be in the near future) I’m looking for projects to be a part of (post-production), and/or I also would like to be involved on set as I’m looking to make the cross to camera operating, so anything that could get me in that path would be great (I’ve camera operated a few times for short films and a wedding, and I’ve also assisted on set). On top of that, I’m also keen to learn and be involved in fight/combat related stunt/choreography, (I have no stage combat experience (yet) but I am a martial arts practitioner).

And btw, I’m also a PADI certified Master Diver, so if anyone is looking at doing any underwater film work, I’d be keen.



I’m in LA for the summer. I’ll also have my trusty hacked GH2 and editing set up with me. Have weekends free mostly. Would love to shoot something! Somebody should organize…dare I say an RJFS 48 hour film fest or some kind of RJFS film jam? That would be rad.


- Location: Dallas, TX
- Skills: Graphic Design, Photography, some Motion Graphics, and some Video work/ editing.
- Resources: Canon T4i, handful of lenses, lights, zoom h1 mic, iMac with Adobe CC, GoPro Hero 3, Speedlite, etc.
-Looking for: Right now I’d be open to gaining experience. Anything from Directing to just hanging out and seeing the process.


You there, let’s do some work and collaboration!


I agree, would be a cool feature. Or a user map.


I suggested this in THIS post, like it and see if it gets their attention.


So close yet so far away

  • Location: Sullivan County, NY (near Scranton PA)
  • Skills: Cinematography and editing
  • Resources: GH2, mic, lens
  • Looking for: Just making movies, on an amateur and not professional level. For fun, experience, and for the heck of it!


Location: Stone Mountain, Georgia (suburbia for Atlanta)
Skills: I’m a generalist so I can do a little bit of anything (and like to as well). I think my strongest points are
directing and my weakest is sound design.
Resources: Nikon D5200 DSLR. Complete Creative Cloud (student version). An HTDZ- HT81 shotgun mic and Mantis Folding Rig. (Both are a bit on the cheaper side, but they work.) Zoom H1 Audio Recorder and a Reflector.
Looking For: Set experience. I want to develop my skills.

Thank you very much and what a cool idea!


Location: San Francisco, CA
Skills: Good with After Effects, and okay with Premiere Pro and Cinema 4D R13(have access to R15), currently learning AE, Premiere, Cinema 4D, and Davinci Resolve
Resources: After Effects, Canon Rebel t5i, Canon 7D, and Canon 70D(only have this one sometimes), shotgun mic, multiple green screens, clamp lights, fluid head tripod, monopod, and some other stuff I forgot to mention
Looking For: Any film that lets me learn, preferably one where I get paid, but if not I will probably still work on that film. Also if anyone has a screenplay or script that they want someone to shoot I would love to have the opportunity to shoot it.


Hey GNelson,

My names Matthew I’ve lived in Honolulu for 14 years. For a while now I’ve been wanting to get together with some people to make videos, me and my friends have some great ideas that I think would really stick and be fun and profitable in the long run. Hope to hear from you soon :slight_smile:


Hey, I’m Alex Machina (get it?)

- Location: Portsmouth NH
- Skills: Writing, directing, camera operation, acting and editing.
- Resources:
Canon HF R50
RODE Videomic
5-in-1 bounce/reflector
Tripod and 24" slider
- Looking for: Somebody to collaborate with in local film festivals, cause they’re all over the place!


Hey dudes! Good to hear from someone else out here on the island. E-mail me at and we’ll try to schedule a meet up or something to go over what you all would like to try and film.


General Location: Los Angeles, CA
Skills:Basic Editing, Some knowledge of After Effects, Acting, Improv, Multiple Dialects (RP, Cockney, NY Italian), Combat- Martial Arts, Staff, Broadsword, Knife, Vocal-Tenor,
Resources: Panasonic HC-900X, Adobe CC, Various Lights, A multitude of other actors/costumers/writers/VO-Artists/Fight Choreographers… i have a lot of people… as in i work with them regularly… not as in I HAVE them… you know what you mean.


Anyone from Germany?

Location: Germany, RLP

Skillz: Hitfilm3 pro, tracking, 3D modelling,animating(basics) and texturing in Blender,image editing in gimp,english :wink:

Resources: Samsung HMX-F90,BebopDrone,Greenscreen,Airsoft Guns(HK416,Ak47,Shotgun,P99-blowback),Lights etc.

Looking for: Someone to colaborate and make films with (mostly for YouTube)! :movie_camera:

Ps:I´m 16 years old (17 in a week) and still in school so :alarm_clock: the best time for me to make films would be during the summer holidays


-----hi mate, im going to be in Austria next semester (about August) maybe we can meet! peace


maybe, but it´s quite far away from where I live so I don´t realy know
but let me know when you are working on a big project there


Yeah, you too. I might be able to travel during vacations :smiley:


Anyone in Tennessee?


Hey every one i’m a film maker in the Eastern shore of MD/ DE area Is there any one in the area? i’m always looking for interesting people to work with and it always seems like theirs not a lot of people

Skills-Some editing (Sony vagas pro 13) , light acting , narration and VO work( I use gold wave and a blue snowball mic ) ,Stunt coordination and fight choreography( I spent a long time doing live Demos and choreography for local martial art’s schools) and writing

I’m always looking for new people in the area I’ve meet a lot of people but it’s always people who need to be chased around and don’t have a lot of self motivation A bonus is I work for a Large AV company meaning I have access to a boat load of lighting and sound gear