Film-maker networking!


General location: San Luis Obispo, CA
Skill set: Motion Graphics, VFX, Editing, Sound Design, Cinematography
Resources available to you: Adobe Creative Cloud, Panasonic GH2, Rode - NTG2, Cinema 4D
What you’re looking for: Mostly motion graphics projects! Here’s my reel if you need to see some examples.


I really like your reel!


I really wish there were RJ fans in Texas on this site :laughing:


I feel the same way about Canada kev


Is Hobart close enough?


LOCATION - Gainesville, Fl
SKILLS - Photography, Video Editing, Camera Operator, Acting, Directing, Screenwriting, Location Scouting, Driving
RESOURCES - Adobe Premier, Adobe Photoshop, Sony A7s, Go Pros, Friends
LOOKING FOR - People who want to make short films (Any Genre) in my area. Essentially, anyone that is interested in Film and wants to get better like me. I’m a current UF Journalism student and hopeful film school student. Hope to become a Director of Photography in the future.

My website:
Much love to all. Peace.


Used to live there. Nashville to be exact :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi, I’m Mishaal and I’m a filmmaker.

I’m currently 16 and doing my A-Levels in school. I make short visual effects oriented videos whenever I have time.
You can look at my Youtube channel for my videos.

Currently, I am working on my first narrative short film, which I shot with my friends in the summer. Running at around 25 minutes, it is quite long but I’ve learned so much on the way, like how to organise premiere pro for multiple scenes etc. It is SciFi based but it also has drama and is emotionally driven.

Location: Near London, UK
Skills: Most skills in vfx, experienced in After Effects, learning 3ds Max and also Fumefx, not really motion design, more on the vfx side. Basic editing in Premiere Pro.
Resources: Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, 3ds Max (with rayfire and fumefx) also a Canon 650D.
Looking for: Anyone who wants to collaborate.

More Specifically, I’m looking for a music composer to compose original music for this short film. Usually I’d look for royalty free music for the shorter vfx videos, but I’d like some consistency and an overall theme for the music. Please reply back if you are interested in working with me.



Location: New York, New York
Skill set: Editing, directing, writing and a lot of other things.
Resources available to you: Editing software, Film equipment- Canon T5i with a couple lenses, Sound Equipment - Rode Shotgun mic - Lavaliere mics, shoulder rigs, tripods, and some DIY stuff and a DRONE >:)
What you’re looking for: I’m looking for dedicated people that are willing to work insane hours and are willing happy and energized to work on a film project.
I’m working on a filming during December or January and I’m looking for people to help me on this. The film is about two brothers having to survive a Zombie apocalypse. (The main focus of the film is about the brothers and not the zombie apocalypse, the zombies are just a factor in the film).
Some of my work:


Location: Cleveland, OH

Skill Set: Writing, Cinematography, Directing, Acting (6/10 Still learning), Fight Choreography, Stunt Coordinator, Editing(6/10 as well).

Resources: Canon T3i w/ Kit Lens and 50mm. A Lav Mic and On Camera Shotgun Mic. Access to a video studio at my library. Premiere and AE. Hit film 3 express as back up. And some extra equipment to help me along the way.

What I am looking for: Sadly due to circumstances, I can’t travel any farther than where I live. Hopefully People who live close or someone who can find this who isn’t afraid to make something and have fun with it.


Hey, @Chrissypainter lives in Dayton Ohio. You should try to contact him!


Can’t believe I haven’t done one of these for this long!

Location: Tri-cities, Tennessee. I can also travel around to places like Asheville NC, Charlotte NC, etc.

Skill Set: Writing, Producing (helping with everything), some camera operating, cinematography, editing(this one is probably my main), Timelapse photography (this one is also a main), Photoshop intermediate stuff as well as Photoshop art, reviewing writing/footage and giving valuable feedback, and social media promoting (for this you can live anywhere :smile:)

Resources: Sony Vegas Pro 13, After Effects CC, Photoshop CS6, Magic Bullet Looks, HitFilm Express 3, Canon Vixia HFM50, Pentax DSLR, Logitech Webcam C910, Wide angle lens, gaffer tape, and some airsoft guns for props.

**What you’re looking for:**I’m looking for anybody working in the creative field to colab with, help out, etc. Whether you’re a filmmaker, YouTuber, screenwriter/writer, painter, artist, musician, photographer, or simply a movie buff.
Check out some of my work here:


We should collab in the near future on something despite the fact that we live like 5-6 hours away


Hello everyone. So this is just an update on my information:

  • General location: Burbank, CA

  • Skill set: Production Management, Writing, Assistant Directing, and Editing.

  • Resources: Canon DSLR, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects (Green Screen), GarageBand, and Yeti Microphone.

  • What you’re looking for: I’m interested in any and all aspects of my skills for the use in Short, Theatrical, and Digital Media.


Location: Reno, Nevada (US)
Skills: Incredibly quick to learn and collaborate on ideas. Other than that I am a fresh mind.
Resources: Canon T2i, a few different pieces of random film equipment and a pretty rocking pc.
Looking for: The ability to expand my knowledge on film and gain experience in an engaging and fun-filled way.


Hey, I’m from Nebraska, not too far away. If you’re interested we could talk about story for a shortfilm.


I would love to be involved. I’m from Nebraska. Are you paying? Or if not, is there anything I can do for you from here?

  • Location: Central Nebraska
  • Skills: Decent in premiere. Acting, writing, screenwriting, filming.
  • Resources: Adobe creative suite, MacBook Pro, canon 70D, couple of lenses, time.
  • Looking for: People who are interested in working together to make something great!


Hi I’m Mike

  • Location: Los Angeles, CA. Mostly working on the westside.
  • Skills: My main thing is Cinematography and camera op. I’m also a producer and editor with some VFX skills and motion graphics experience. I’m also good at getting coffee and not afraid to get my hands dirty. Valid DL with clean record.
  • Resources: I own a pretty capable DSLR rig and location sound gear. I also have a basic light kit that’s good for small interiors. I edit on Adobe CC so I use Premiere and After Effects and all that. I also have access to a lot more stuff.
  • Looking for: I’m doing mostly corporate gigs right now so I’m down for anything more creative and “out there.” Shoot me a message and let’s brainstorm.


Location: Ottawa, Canada
Skills: Audio engineer; music concerts, broadcast and AV. Lighting, rigging, stage patch, camera operating and grip.
Resources: Video and audio editing pc; Premier, Protools. Portable audio mixer, boom and lavs. Nikon D3200. Sony Actioncam HDR-as100v. Various formats of capture cards.
Looking for: Potential collaborations or help for out of area production.