Film-maker networking!


I’m in Dallas. Email me at eric(@) and let’s see if we can collaborate on something.


I’m in Dallas. Email me at eric(@) and let’s see if we can collaborate on something.


Hey, anyone here is from France ?
Specifically around Lyon ?


Location: Caracas, Venezuela
Skills: Video editing, photography, script writing, directing, VFX compositing & motion graphics.
Resources: Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Cinema 4D, 3DS Max, Real Flow
Looking for: Any project, set experience, people to collab with and let me learn. I truly believe that we can learn something about each other.


Location: Minneapolis, MN
Skills: Directing, Acting, Video Editing, Photography, Scriptwriting, Cinematography, basic VFX, basic Sound Design, Producing
Resources: Canon 70D, several lenses, Rode Shotgun Mic, Adobe Creative Suite, Editing PC, wacky creative mind!
Looking for: Anyone whose interested in collaborating!


Hey, I’m a film student here in Nebraska. I’m at UNL.


My name is Ben. I am currently in jeffersonville Indiana looking to work on short films for fun with anyone interested within the area.

-I have adobe premiere pro that I’ve been teaching myself via experience and YouTube
-I have a canon xc10 camera
-Rode shotgun mic
-telescopic boom mic stick
-H4n zoom hand recorder

  • sound editing software (of which the name I can’t remember of the top of my head)

I have minimal experience that I am looking to build upon in a fun creative way. Here is a clip that I worked on recently

You can email me at


So, Im about to start production on a short with a friend in hastings. any way we could meet up?


DM me with more details man

  • Location: Australia, NSW/ACT
  • Skills: Editing and programming
  • Resources: Adobe - Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop - Comput Power (2 Titan X cards)
  • Looking for: Anyone who is interested in doing a few projects.


Wanna throw my info out there.
Location: San Antonio, Texas
Skills: Editng, text animation, rotoscoping, learning more visual effects daily
Resources: Abobe CC Suite, Canon t3i, handful of lenses, shot gun mic.
Looking: Folk as eager to film, create, write, work, and most importantly learn as much as I am.

To get an idea of what I do, have a glance at my YouTube Channel @

Also if you are in the area and wanna meet up, Dm me on Twitter @chris_l_chavers


Hey Chris! I’ll be in San Antonio for college in the fall! Maybe we can make a couple videos together one day! :smiley:


I used to live in Dallas, Texas and moving back soon! #TexasSquad


sweet, i’m still here in DFW. Denton, Texas specifically. I keep running into other artists because of UNT, but always hear wildly different things about the RTVF program. one friend actually managed to go help with a film riot short film the other year.

I started shooting live events for money and promotion, but it’s drawing attention for actors and crew members.
i hope to see more North Texans on the forum. If you move out here. or just joined the forum, hit me up!


Let me know when you’ll be here and we’ll absolutely do something.
Shoot me an email or a message and we can work out stuff and things :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah Dallas is filled with a lot of photographers especially, I follow many of them on Instagram. I believe Film Riot is located somewhere around Plano Texas, and that’s cool that your friend got to help them on a short. DFW is definitely expanding into a huge visual art industry atm.


for real, its really spreading down here. I picked up some business cards and have handed out quite a few. and I get some back pretty often. I wasn’t aware they were in Plano, i’m there all the time. I’ve met a few people moving here from L.A. trying to expand their brand or build anew.



Hey, might be a little late for that since your post is from 2015 but I am looking for someone to make shorts or vids with too because lets be honest: No one gives a shit about making films here in Germany ;D.

I have no special skills besides being a little annoying dickheaehhh… I mean perfectionist who loves making films. Or at least I would love to but Ive never really had a chance to try really making one because there is literally nobody interested in film making within the next 20 kilometers and I have no driving license yet even though Im already 17 (I could have one for a 125cc bike but ill wait until Im 18 so I can get one for a throttled 650cc and a car since its cheaper)

Im mostly interested in acting and directing but I know some basics of VFX and other stuff too. Im trying to know at least a bit of how things work in every field like lighting and camera and whatever else there is. Basically everything Film Riot, Rocket Jump, Corridor Digital and Andrew Kramer/Video Copilot cover in their videos.

Since I never got into making an actual film or video I have not that many resources. I have a pretty decent condenser microphone, maybe for voice-overs or something like that. I also have a camera that is more of a photocamera and no DSLR and shoots FHD videos but I guess you have a better one than your HMX F90 by now am I right? ;D Oh and we have lots of wood boards and electronic parts in our basement like LEDs and stuff that could be used for making props or something.

Thats basically it. Dunno if you even still want to find someone to make films with but even if youre not, it cant hurt to get to know someone in the area who wants to make films. Maybe If you already know some people you could give me their emails. Just to know at least someone :smiley:


yes, that sounds Awesome,
let’s stay in contact!:grin:


Location : Raleigh NC
Skill: Cinematography, lighting, editing, writing, driecting. (Right now I have a basic understanding of many things and I advertise myself as a filmmaking multitool.)
Resources: FS100 camera, greenscreen kit, lighting kit, Adobe programs.
Looking for: Mostly joining a crew and broadening my network. Jobs would be nice but I’m still building up skill set.