Film-maker networking!


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  • General location - Florida
  • Skill set - Screen Writer
  • Resources - Celtx
  • Willing to write screenplays.


Location: Indore, India
Skills: I can direct, cinematograph, edit & do 2D VFX (as of now, soon will be able to do full CG integration too)
Resources: Canon 60D with a 18-135 kit lens, 50mm f/1.8 prime, and sigma 10-20 wide angle lens. Rode NTG-2 shotgun microphone with Tascam DR-70D external audio recorder.
Looking for: Interesting script/screenplays as I would never say no to make a good story into audio-visual form. Also a producer/sponsor is someone who would take the all the money related burden off my head and let me focus only on the creative part.

Link to my channel:

  • General location: Anniston, Alabama
  • Skill set: Basic Camera Operator, Basic Sound, Basic Screenwriting, Basic Editing
  • Resources available to you: iPhone SE, On Camera Mics, Tripod, Mobile iMovie Editing.
  • What you’re looking for: people in my general area who would like act, stuntman or voice actors. People who need extra help with anything on set or behind the scenes.


LOCATION - South Africa, Pretoria
SKILLS - Video Editing, DSLR video, Photography, Basic Sound, Basic motion graphics, Wordpress and other web platforms
RESOURCES - Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premier, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Audition, Adobe Lightroom, Camera gear, Audio gear,
LOOKING FOR - People interested in creating YouTube channels or videos for YouTube and other purposes, photography, Vlogging, networking


i think so- right now i think its only searching the amount of posts loaded and out of 265 i cant see anyone from chicago, might just be nobody is here but i thing its like when you search in general online- unless its been loaded on the screen it doesnt know the word


My portfolio page can be found here -

  • Chicago

  • Dp/Cinematographer, Director, Colorist, Writer

  • RED Dragon package, CNE lenses, full LED lighting package, wireless video/focus, full overview here -

  • Looking to meet and work with some people in the area- goals include shorts, commercials, sketches (very RJ stuff in general). My background is in comedy (taught and performed for about 15 yrs professionally), I own a film company full time - and am looking to find some like minded people out this way. I have tons of scripts and projects on the way (some already done and im just looking for a producer to come aboard and help me w locations, networking, casting, etc).

Most creative projects i do consist of me doing most if not all job titles and im looking to put together a team for both paid and spec/reel work of a more creative nature. Lots of Chicago film people i find are only interested in corporate b-roll / interview work (which currently pays most of my bills but ive never been a fan nor do i think i need to stick with it as im skilled enough to do the same with doing what i love instead with the right contacts/team.

Would love to work more and get to know the gang at RJFS in general as well as people on this forum.


Whoa wait wait…Film Riot is in Plano? Are you sure?


Location: US of A (I don’t freely give my location on the internet; message privately)
Skill: Writing and editing.
Resources: Canon DSLR, tripod, Audacity, Avid, Pinnacle,
Looking for: I’d love to collaborate on something. Feel free to reach out.


Location: Caracas, Venezuela
Skills: I generally work as a Director, a Screenwriter or Writer and Editor
Resources: I have a Canon Rebel t3i, a 50mm f/1.8, a Rode Video mic Go, I generally edits on Final Cut Pro 7.

I’ll be more than happy to help anyone with a script or an edit of some kind (or whatever you guys need… I’m here to help)


Hi there,

Anyone looking to collaborate from the Southern California area?


I already replied to this topic a few years ago, but I recently moved up into North Cal, so if there are any film makers up here, I’d love to socialize and talk projects.

Napa Valley, CA

Trailer Editing, Music Video Editing, Narrative Editing, Visual Effects, Basic Sound, matterport photography, storyboarding, and brainstorming for awesome stories.

Resources Available:
The Adobe Creative Cloud Suite (Now I have Premier, After Effects, Audition, and Photoshop now but can download more programs should the need arise), Trapcode Particular, PluralEyes, Basic Editing Suite (powered by a 6 Core Mac Pro Late 2013), and a MacBook Pro 2012. I can also have a land cruiser which can be used to drive people and resources around.

I also utilize the use of a Matterport Camera for my day job and am curious if it could potentially apply to film making in regards to scanning sets and marking where everything goes. If you don’t know what matterport is, check these guys out:

Looking For:
I’m looking for the local film makers if there are any in my given vicinity. I’d like to meet up socialize, and see if there is any kinds of fun projects we can do together.