Film-maker networking!


Yo, I’m Mishaal

I’m currently 16 and doing my GCSE’s in school. I make short vfx videos whenever I have free time.
You can look at my Youtube channel for my videos. The newer they are, the better they are. My 2 newest videos are my own camera work, as I wasn’t in those, the vfx was more complex.

Location: Near London, UK
Skills: Most skills in vfx, experienced in After Effects, learning 3ds Max and also Fumefx, not really motion design, more on the vfx side. Basic editing in Premiere Pro.
Resources: Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, 3ds Max (with rayfire and fumefx) also a Canon 650d.
Looking for: Anyone who wants to collaborate. I love working on vfx shots. I want as much experience as I can get.



In about 20 years I’m thinking about moving to London so when your famous remember me and we can team up. LOL!


That would be helpful.

  • General location: central Florida.
  • Skill set: Basic camera operating. Acting. Basic editing.
  • Resources: An okay video camera.

I would absolutely love to help anyone, in any possible way! :slight_smile:


your English is fantastic!


wow! great effects, I’m super impressed. That smoke and gunfire/laser was awesome! Keep up the good work!

  • location
    Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Skill set
    Photographer, Cinematographer, Director, Producer, Dreamer

  • Resources available to you
    I’m a Canon Mark III Shooter with tons of lenses, monopod, tripod, gildecam, glide track, ice light, reflectors, Photoshop

  • What you’re looking for
    Assistants, models, actors, and musicians. I don’t have anything on the books for 2014, but in 2015 I’ll be rebranding and interested in telling creative stories.


Name: Austin (Not Austin from Texas. That’s someone else)
Location: Milwaukee, WI
Skills Set: Beginner (Video Editing, Photo Editing, Music Engineer, Song Writing, Acting, Video Gaming, Outgoing, Photography, Filming, Imagination, and more to unlock) I also dance.
Resources: Friends that are willing to take sometime in their life’s to make some magic happen, Nikon D5200, 18-55mm & 55-200 lens, Tripod, Adobe(Photoshop, Illustrator, Prelude, Premiere, After Effects, and subscription to Creative Cloud), & Logic Pro X
Looking For: Knowledge to receive, Motivation, Collaborations, To help, To be helped in any way possible. People that are willing to take time to help a 20 year old dude from Milwaukee, WI! Ohh and a great time :slight_smile: (Not being sexually lol I know you dirty minded people out there. I see you! aha)


Thank you! but I need to improve. I need to write a whole comment without Google translator :blush:


Name: Nick
Location: Southeast WI.
Skill Set: Beginner with video editing and directing skills. Screenplay writing.
Resources: Not much. Amateur camcorder, AVS video editor.
Looking For: I’m here to learn about how I can make better stories and develop my ideas for the future. Going off to college next year and have an interest in developing a different type of music video and commercials and videos. I want to make people think and want to develop meaningful stories.

  • Location: Cleveland Ohio
  • Skills: I have worked as a grip and gaffer on a few indie/corporate projects. I also have skills in editing, and being a AC and DIT.
  • Resources: Adobe Suite, Custom Computer, DSLR (T4i), Basic Lights (900 LED), Sound Equipment, Various camera rigs, and Leatherman.
  • Looking for: People to collaborate with, most of my friends are not into film and its hard to find actors/people in general to help. I am always willing to throw my hands into anything.


I already posted but I’m posting again… (I live in Central Florida.)
I’m making a short film soon, although I still need help on a couple Ideas for it. I know it’s going to be about a girl/guy who hates Christmas, and at the end realizes it’s not just all about money and presents. I have a camera and editing software. I don’t have any funds for props and etc, but I am the greatest person to put stuff together without spending any money or even just a couple bucks. If anyone could help me make it happen or just give me some ideas it would be much appreciated.


Hey, I’m Frank, a 15 year old filmmaker-wannabe, haha :smiley:
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Skills: 2D VFX, Compositing, Sound Design, Postproduction, a little bit of cinematography (I’ll get to it in a second)
No professional camera (like literally, nothing. just an Iphone), Hama DM-60 mic, After Effects CS6, Vegas Pro 10

Looking for: making short films, gaining an audience, finding a team (most of the people here aren’t quite into filmmaking) and a little more privately, to attend vidcon :slight_smile:


Hi my name is Isaac and like everyone else here I have a passion for making videos.

Location: Utah, USA
Skills: To make things sweet and simple I do vfx but haven’t gotten into 3D compositing yet. I’m learning sound design and music production. Cinematography. Editing. Being professional. Nunchuck skillz, Computer hacking skillz, bowstaff skillz.

Resources: I use a Nikon D5200, After Effects CS6, Behringer C-1 Mic, Adobe CC, Autodesk 3DS Max

Looking for: Ladies… oh and making short films. More specifically, I am looking for sound/ music, stock footage, the works.

I have a YouTube channel but I haven’t done anything too interesting yet. It’s just gaming so I’m not going to link it.


Hey everyone! Nice to meet you all. I am, like all of you, a fan of VGHS, and am totally stoked for film school because of the variety of topics we’ll cover, some of which I am very interested in to flesh out my existing skills and acquire new ones.

General location
Boise, Idaho

Skill set
Music Composition
2D Character Artist and Animator
Java Programming
Web and Graphic Design
Voice Acting
Aspiring 3D Character Modeler

Resources available to you
Fender Telecaster w/ a variety of effects
Decent Microphone and Amplifier with PC connectivity
Webcam and Android video recorder (I don’t have a real camera at all atm)
Full Adobe Suite
Ableton Live
Autodesk Maya
Graphics Tablet
A lot of caffeine and e-liquid

What you’re looking for
On top of working on my own projects (specifics are not yet set in stone) I am willing and excited to lend any or all of my abilities to those in need. I am a sort of jack-of-all-trades but a master of none. However, I do have my strengths, and can competently perform things like character design and songwriting at a professional level. I also have over 10 years of experience with the Adobe suite, with a focus on Photoshop and Flash.

My own project as it stands atm is a WIP weekly blog with an animated character as the focus of the show. He will be present in the real world in the blogs (a la Roger Rabbit) so there will be live action characters as well who don’t have as much screen time and may or may not even show their faces (appearing from the torso and downward, kind of like the adults in Peanuts cartoons). There are also 2 other animated characters who exist fully in the animated world (1 of them has the ability to visit the real world as well) and act as the show’s antagonists.

I’m unsure at the moment of what the blog will focus on, but I know that I want it to be whimsical. We won’t be talking about real world events, but may caricature them in some way at times. I also know that I want the blog to have something to do with music; either independent or overseas artists, or a mixture of both, in order to get more unknown music some exposure. Focusing the show’s content on gaming information or parody is definitely an option as well. Like I said previously, nothing is really set in stone.

I had a music podcast based on the characters from this project that ran for about 10 episodes, and have the basic facial animations for the main character done, as well as the general idea of what the voices of the characters sound like. Back then and also now, I’ve been the sole person running everything. I love working together with others though, so if anyone is interested, I can get into more details about what the past show was like and my vision for my new show. I’m trying to be a bit more realistic goal-wise with this show, and don’t want to get into anything really technically hardcore (unless someone’s willing to do that for me, lol). Basically, I want it to be a comedy show disguised as a weekly vlog which will typically be about 15 minutes long.

      How about this -- post your:
  • General location

  • Skill set

  • Resources available to you

  • What you’re looking for (you need help on a short, or you want the
    chance to do post-production for someone, or you want to act, etc.)

For example, for me:

  • Location: Oakland, CA
  • Skills: I make some pretty nice Intros, I am a VFX artist, I also am a good screenplay writer, and I’m a beginner in digital music!
  • Resources: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Cinema 4d, and to record my screen I have Screenflow
  • Looking for: Tutorials and help with Music Creation and advanced VFX!
  • Youtubes:


Location Queensland, Australia.

Skills I can do average directing, camera work, lighting, script writing, VFX and sound editing, due to the fact that I’m use to doing productions all by myself or with limited crew. My main skill comes into editing the visuals, I have a love of making the raw footage come to life.

Resources I have Adobe CC, Canon DSLR, Takstar Shotgun Mic, three different types of tripods, Spider rig, wide angle lens, 50mm lens, Gopro with mounts, greenscreen, three studio lights and of course Macbook Pro Retina.

Looking for a way to expand my knowledge and portfolio before getting into my bachelor of film.


General Location: Los Angeles, Ca
Skills: Martial Arts, basic editing, writing, basic matte paintings, some special effects.
Resources: Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, Photoshop. Canon T5(Planning on getting new lens)
Looking for: Actor(s) who want to learn with me, a film writer, and someone who can do VFX and 3d animation, also looking for ways to learn more about filmmaking!!!


Location : Atlanta, GA
Skill Set - Editing and Cinematography
Resources - Editing Software (Final Cut Pro X)
Looking For - Films to be involved in, have not had any film stuff to do in a long time

  • Location: Honolulu, HI
  • Skills: Camera op, grip, boom op, editor, some lighting experience, writer, director, actor.
  • Resources: Pretty basic editing equipment. I can manage to scrounge up a decent grip kit on short notice. Tripod and a pretty sweet Sony HD Handicam (NEX-VG10). Also a Blue Yeti microphone.
  • Looking for: People to work on projects with. I’ve got an idea for some Vine/YouTube shorts but I’d be up to film just about anything.