Film-maker networking!


Sacramento, CA

Basic editing
Web design
A little Directing
Learning prop and costume design
Almost anything IT related

Recording studio
Full Adobe Suite
Multuple instruments and microphones
DSLR camera and tripod
Me and a few friends will to look like idiots to make something cool

Looking for:
VFX artists for a SciFi series I would like to do
Someone to collaborate with for writing and character development
Assistance with prop and costume development

Also, I’m willing to help out where I can, if you need music, web development, or IT help.


- Location: Otago, New Zealand
- Skills: Directing, editing, VFX (fairly basic stuff but I’m always looking for a challenge)
- Resources: Canon 600D with Rode videomic, a pretty crappy tripod, greenscreen, several airsoft guns, Adobe CS6 products and other assorted software
- Looking for: Anyone in the area who wants to chat and perhaps collaborate!


I don’t know why I haven’t posted a thread like this before, but here goes:

I’d like to offer my (affordable) services on all of your short films,
series, movies, etc. I’ve done a few things for people (got
paid once) in the past and had a great time working on someone else’s creation for once

I can do the following things with confidence in my abilities, so if you need help in the following areas, please message me.

VFX, CGI work, Acting, Voice-Acting, Writing, Color-Correcting, Noise Removal, Editing

Like I said, my services will be very affordable, even for you guys
without much of a budget. I won’t charge “by the minute” or anything,
and acting will be significantly cheaper.

And, assuming you can’t afford any help at all, but would still like my
services, perhaps we could work out some kind of collaboration, where I
help you on your film, and you help in some way on my show Space Pilots

(These videos and the other ones on my channel can give you a preview of
all the things I’m offering, since I do everything for those videos,
except music and sound: credit goes to Mike McGuill in that area)


Location: Michigan, Flint
Skills: Basic 3D modeling, Editing, Design, Voice acting stuff
Resources: Adobe software with 3DS Max Cannon T5 camera and Yetti Microphone
Looking for: More or less someone i can work with even if it means we send files back and forth.


Location: Glasgow Scotland
Skills: Video editing, Basic Motion Graphics, Music and Writing
Resources: Decent Video Camera, Adobe Premier Pro CS6, Adobe After Effects

My friend and I have just started our own Production company and want to start making shorts and sketches together. We want to work with as many people as possible and help us grow and become better film makers.


Location: Quezon City, Philippines
Skills: Digital Film Editing, Cinematography, Directing, Acting, writing
Resources: Canon 600D, some Prime Lenses, Sound recording stuff, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Adobe After Effects CC, Adobe Photoshop CC,
Looking for: People out there (probably in the Philippines and near the area) who are looking to make films and are as enthusiastic as I am. I’ve been wanting to create my own webseries since VGHS and CorridorDigital’s Sync started the Webseries Revolution.


Hey! My girlfriend currently lives in Quezon City! Her grandma owns a restaurant out there and she goes to Sainto Thomas University for nursing. Lol not related to this thread but since I noticed you lived there thought I’d share.


That is so awesome how there is no age limit!


Hey, I make stop motions, and am always looking for talented voice actors. Would you be willing to voice a couple of one liners, and how much would you charge? Thanks!


I’d love to do some voice acting! For you and for anyone.
As soon as I get my hands on a decent mic and recorder I’ll definitely be in touch, that is if you’ll have me.
I am willing to do this for free :smile:


That’s so awesome man! Here is my email, so we can stay in touch easier. Whenever I’ll need an extra voice, I’ll hit you up with an email.


Location: Christchurch, New Zealand
Skills: Video Editing, Compositing, VFX, Motion Graphics, Tracking, Writing, Cinematography, Directing, Acting, Graphic Design, Voice Acting, Fight Choreography, Foley, Sound/Music Production
Resources: Panasonic GH3 (upgrading to GH4 2015), Rode Mic, working on getting some new lenses, Adobe CS5.5, 3-axis gimbal on the way HP DV6-series laptop (upgrading to power hungry PC)
Looking for: Anyone in the area for some collab in Feb!


Hey man, I make stop motions, and always on the look out for extra voice actors. I’ll hit you up if I need an extra!


Stop Motion? Awesome bro!


Hey, a fellow kiwi! I was beginning to think I was the only one here :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m looking for people who can color with Adobe Flash. We’re working on an animated cartoon right now and we are in need of one (or maybe more). Its a passion project so i’m sorry if I can’t pay you in cash,but I will give you credit for what you are about to do for our production. PM me for more details if interested.


Hey man, do you have a Sound Cloud or anything that I can look at and check out some of your songs? I may need some for future projects.


Wow, cool, so you’re filipino too? any chance we can collaborate for a project in the future?


Just watched it, great job! And I left a comment.


Location: Sydney, Australia
Skills: Writing (songs, rap, poetry, scripts, screenplays, musicals, novels, etc.), acting, singing, rapping, beatboxing, playing guitar, playing piano, multitasking, prop/costume-making, basic photoshop, basic video-editing, making timelapses (limit: 3 hours-ish per session)
Resources: GoPro Hero 3, decent computer w/ 8GB RAM, Sony Vegas 9, Photoshop CS5, electric guitar, guitar amplifier, upright piano, grand piano, workshop.
Looking for: Anyone who can edit video, music, do VFX, or has good recording equipment.

Hi! I’m a person of…shall we say, varied skills. And, well, varied levels of competence at said skills. Right now, I can do a bit of stuff, but I’m limited because I don’t have a recording device that isn’t my phone, and have no idea where to start with sound editing. For a decent list of what I can and can’t do, watch the following video (and cringe at the shitty, shitty audio/video quality):

Italy,Padova. People willing to help in making short films