Film-maker networking!


Location: Italia, Padova
Skills:acting,camera operating,and screenwriting.But first of all-burning desire!
I search people willing to help me.(if what, i speak English , Russian , Uranian and Italian.


Location: Philadelphia, PA, USA
Skills: Production Management, Writing, VO, Acting, Prop/Set Construction, Pyrotechnics, Adobe CS Illustrator/Photoshop
Resources: GoPro Hero 4, Adobe CS, Prop Makers Workshop
Looking for: Other production oriented folks in the region looking for cool projects.

I’m the co-founder of Blue Diamond Productions, a small production house out of Philly that has managed a variety of canned and live broadcasts out of NY and Virginia for Big Apple Circus as well as overseen pyrotechnics and scenery for several indie projects since 2013 in NY and PA. We currently manage a monthly zombie-themed LARP and are looking to move into short form film making and are looking for other folks who might be interested in partnering with us.


Hey guys! I’m Brad. :slight_smile:

  • Location: Los Angeles, CA
  • Skills: I’m a film actor with some voiceover skill, writing experience, and also a little producing knowledge.
  • Resources: Access to Second City stage and classrooms, wealth of quality actors.
  • Looking for: Mainly acting work, though I’m happy to help and learn where I can.


location: near Sparta WI
name: Elyas
phone (please text if u need to contact) : (608)-487-1046
skill set: in all honesty I don’t know, I have REALLY good ideas though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
resources: a phone, an old video camera. first person camera glasses , a really nice borrowed picture camera, and a computer.
looking for: anything to do, i have a lot of homework, but I really want to get into film/other hit me up if you need help

please note: i am 14 and there are still skill sets that are very new to me.


i would love to help, but seeing as I don’t have TOO much skills in this area I would mainly just be a helping hand that could potentially be of use


awesome! I would be happy to help for whatever its worth


i charge 0$ per forever (unless your a millionaire because of the project :smile: )


Location: Florence
Skill: Editing and directing
Looking for Actors


Anybody near Tennessee? Or in Tennessee?


Hey PeanutbutterSailor! I just moved to the Los Angeles area from Central Florida. I am a huge RJ fan and want to start experimenting with film myself or gain experience; unfortunately, It’s kind of fear-inducing to start alone. I wanted to know if we could meet up and try to make some videos or something. Here are my capabilities:

General Location: Los Angeles, Ca. (Koreatown)

Skills: Can do average acting, excellent proofreader and organizer (Managed a college newspaper), Novice Final Cut and Adobe Premiere experience, some editing, creative writing, and good brainstormer

Resources: Tripod (lost bubble pan, long story), monopod, Sony HDR 8.9 Megapixel Handycam, bright connective light, and am not a person looking for money, just looking to learn about film making through experience :smile:

If you get this, consider emailing me at Hope to see you around!

  • Corpus Christi, Texas, USA
  • Editing, MoGraph, VFX, Sound Engineer
  • AE Suite, Protools, FL Studio, Nikon D5200, DIY Lighting Kits
  • looking for a creative thinktank


I am currently finishing up a few recordings and I’ll get them on SoundCloud as soon as I do. I’ll send you the link when I have it.

Are you looking for any particular style of music?


I’m from Milwaukee area and go to UW-Milwaukee! Want to make a thing sometime?

  • Name: Matt!
  • General location: Milwaukee area, I go to UW-Milwaukee
  • Skill set: none
  • Resources available to you: dslr stuff (t3i and a 12mm lens), sound stuff (h4n and shotgun mic), a green screen, some crappy lights, adobe cs5.5 production premium student edition
  • What you’re looking for: people who want to make stuff and have fun! It’s probs going to be really terrible stuff. I have no experience but I’m down for any project or whatever


Not really, I would love to hear anything you made.


Location: Victoria, Australia
Resources: Mainly for scripts I use Celtx
Looking For: Just looking to improve on my skills and thought that RJFS would be a good place to learn. I can help proofread scripts for anyone that wants help.


I don’t live in Australia, but I know a pretty good friend who lives in Sydney, if that is not far away from where you are. If you want, I can give you a link to his YouTube channel.


Perhaps @nukes2all may be interested in your skills. See this thread.


Thanks for that. I will have a look.


Sydny isn’t really close, but I would be interested to have a look at the channel anyway. :slight_smile: