Film-maker networking!


Alright, well, here is his channel:


I’m in Cleveland. At the moment, I’m building up my gear. I’ll be launching my YT channel in 3wks or so.


In Cleve as well. Would you be interested in collaborating on something?

Currently, I’m building up my gear. I’ll start filming next weekend and launch my YT channel in 2-3wks.


Northern Ohio & Washington DC

photoshop retouch
light fabrication: building, diy, minor construction

Nikon D7000
Nikon D5100
Lights (limited)
Locations (limited: bar, restaurant, small shopping center, large mall)
Stabilizer (rudimentary stabilizers)

  • What you’re looking for?
    More production experience
    …I can work on other’s project. Willing to work on Zombie, Hack/Slash
    …Looking for a future production team
    …Looking to build a list of actors for future production
    3D experience, VFX
    …Looking to develop my VFX skills
    …Looking to develop basic set-replacement or extensions


Hey, I only live 6 hours away from you! (When ever you are in Ohio.) I guess I am an okay actor, you can check out some of my films my going to my bio on here.
I do need someone to help me with projects, or I can help with other’s.
Anyways, who knows, maybe one day we might meet!


Oh, and I also have really good friends in D.C, so if I ever go there, I’ll tell you! (I go there about once every 2 years.)


Maybe during the summer, we can pool resources and collaborate on some project.


Sounds good to me, what kind of things are you looking to do on your channel?


Awesome, I’ll keep in touch!


I can help you with writing (


I’m interested in Short Form story telling. Short, to the point, mix of action and comedy. Something very similar to what FreddieW, Brandon and Corridor Digital done. As they did in the past, the shorts don’t need complex length of time to establish the characters, the subjects should come across as “every man”.

Mainly, it’s a motivation or driver to force me to drill down in After Effects and Premiere. I need to learn from as many successes and failures as I can in as many 1-3min shorts as I can produce.

More ambitious & complex ideas (like VGHS) shouldn’t be rush. A competent 3min short is better than an embarrassing and wasted 30 min blunder.


location: Portland, Oregon
Skills: Editing, directing, cinematography, 2d compositing, color grading.
Resources: Gh4, steady cam, NTG1 boom mic, DR-40, actors, Blue Yeti Mic, cheap light kit, After Effects, Premiere Pro.
looking for: sound designers, people good with 3d effects, writers, and people to collaborate with.

Im 16 and looking to go straight into a career of filmmaking after high school. You can see my stuff (mostly comedy skits) on the youtube channel FunTimeShorts but i have a few reels and abstract videos on my personal channel happymushroom100 (i know its a dumb username but i can’t change it). I would really love to work with some of you talented people.


Location: Portland, Oregon
Skills: (few) Starting in writing, working a lot with small freelance projects (directing, camera operation…)
Resources: Basic software and audio equipment
Looking for: Teens in the area willing to work together to start a small series and to expand the two man studio I run! :smile: This could include website start-ups, video work, audio work.
Notes: I’m new, young, but interested in perusing a film making career!

  • Location: Malaysia, KL
  • Skills: Directing, Acting, Camera work, decent vfx compositor, elementary sound engineering.
  • Resources: Canon 60D, 18w lighting, rode videomic pro, tripod
  • Looking for: Basically anyone that can do vfx or 3D visuals or a crew that would like to collaborate.


Okay, this is urgent, because I need this by the end of today.
So basically, I started a new series on YouTube called “Q&A Friday.” (Yes, you have to say “day” so it rhymes with "Q&A."
Now, I don’t have a good mic, nor a good singing voice. I need in the intro for somebody to say “Q&A, Friday!” If you have a pretty good mic and a good singing voice to say that, PLEASE reply! Thank you! (Remember, “day” has to rhyme with “Q&A.”)

Edit: Never mind, already found somebody who can do it!


hi everyone!
I was part of this thread when it existed on the old forums and now that im back on the new forum with a new profile thought I’d find this thread again so I can collaborate with some of you!


  • Location: Los Angeles, CA
  • Skills: Editing on Avid, Premiere, or Final Cut Pro, photography (particularly star photography and time-lapses), filming with DSLR’s, storyboarding (mad art skills yo), lighting and grip work, budgets and scheduling work, script coverage
  • Resources: Canon Rebel t2i with a 50 mm 1.8 prime lens and a 18-55mm 3.5 lens
  • What you’re looking for: enthusiastic people to collaborate with


Location: Boston and North Shore area of Massachusetts

Skills: Acting, Editing, Avid, Final Cut Pro X, After Effects, Photoshop, Camera operating, Lighting, Cinematography, Photography, Project Planning, Scheduling, budgeting, Screen Writing, Script Editing, Boom Operating, Directing, Theatrical set building, Theatre lighting, Theatre sound equipment, Theatre Acting.

Resources: Final Cut Pro X, After Effects, Photoshop, Canon SL1, Lenses (18-55mm, 50mm, 10-18mm), Steadi Cam, Tripod, Boom pole, Shotgun mic, Condensor mic, Separate Audio Recorder, 3 point fluorescent lighting kit with overhead, Reflectors, and a decent tumblr following.

Looking for: Summer Internship for 2015, and projects!

Recommendations: Howard A. Phillips, Douglas Pastel, Jessica Ruggles, and Raymond (Jim) Domenici.


That’s quite the list good sir, very impressive.
I am nowhere near you so a project won’t easilly be posible, but our mother hen, moderator @Nick posted this a bit ago:

I don’t know if it’s the kind of internship you’re looking for, but I might as well let you know about it.
Good luck :smile:


Oh thanks! I’ll look into it.


Sorry it took so long, it’s been a busy month. Here’s the link to the SoundCloud:

We only have a few things up right now, but we’re actively working on more, and can do custom projects, too.