Film-maker networking!


Hey that sounds awsome!
keep up the good work! If I ever need some good music for a filmproject I’ll know where to go :smile:
Really like the Movie and Game Music Medley


That sounds great! The suspense song is really good. I’ll keep you in mind when I need music for my films and videos. :smiley:


Thanks, Jasper! We would love to help out.


Thanks a lot! We’re always open to collaboration.


This is some really good music, if you’re up for collaboration keep me in mind!


Not sure If this is the right place for this but can anyone help me develop a intro for my YT channel?


What do you need?
I’m happy to see if i can help out.


Just a simple intro for my channel bare bones just needs to say “Kevanator15” haha


Alright, i’ll see what i can do.


Thanks Doc! I will love anything you can offer!


Hey @NotADoctor are you going to make something that’s just visuals (text/title/images/animation) for kevin? Would it be a cool idea to have a different intro voice-over every time? Would you like that @Kevin_Nguyen? Like people all sending you their introbits?
Stuff like “It is he! It is the Kevenator!” and “Ladies and gentelman: THE KEVINATOR”, that kind of stuff.
I’d send you a thousand intros!


Whatever you want Jasp haha I have no idea what I’m doing


Yeah, i’m probably going to animate Kevin’s twitter wallpaper from twitter a few different ways so introbits would work awesomely with it!

Introduce Yourself!

Either that one or this one!


That’s awesome that your developing a YT channel! Check out mine, I subscribed to yours!


Already subbed haha long ago


Oh, thank you lol! =)


Anybody here a filmmaker? Young filmmaker? Check out a podcast my friend and I do where we interview young filmmakers, most of the time under the age of 18-20. We only have one up right now, where he interviews me. Now I am the co-host. Anyways, check it out if you’re interested!

And check us out on Twitter here:


Hey @Kevin_Nguyen, have you got like an email adress where I (and others) can send these introbits to? :smile:

#140 is mine you would probably want to send them to Doc though