Film-maker networking!


nah, I think the best would be if the notdoc would make something without audio and then you can ad a different introbit for every video. I’m going to send you the bits I just made now, you can see if you like it or not.


Oh ok go for it! haha



I’m about halfway through the video now, i cant wait to see what you do with it


Hey all, long-time lurker but first time poster. Love RJFS and decided I ought to try to participate a bit more rather than just reading furiously away.

Location: Boston MA
Skills: Picture and Sound Editing, Cinematography, Compositing (specifically trained in Nuke and a bit of AE), film (celluloid/analog) photography. My primary experience is in Picture and Sound editing for documentary, but I love shooting and am down to be a hired gun DP for anyone in the area in need of the right images to tell their stories.
Resources: I manage a lot of my University’s filmmaking gear and so have access to an array of camera packages and lighting packages. Also have licenses of Film Convert, the Adobe Suite. or hit me up on RJFS if you’ve got something going and might need help!


Thanks! If you have anything in mind you’d like to work on, we’d love to help.


Heyo weird fishes out there in rocketjump-land! I’m Scetch (Mark IRL) and i am playing a bit around with music of soundtrack-esque character. You can take a listen here:
and here:
I don’t have any experience with scoring to picture but i’d give it a go.

Location: Aarhus, Denmark

Skills: Composition, basic audio editing, Cubase, Basic pro tools (i don’t have it available at home though).

Resources: Cubase pro 8, EWQL symphonic orchestra Gold edition, EZ drummer, Okay computer.

Looking for: Nothing specific so far. Cheers!


Wassup Matt!!! My name is Austin and I’m also from Milwaukee.
Me and my guy have a youtube channel that we started not long ago and we have so much ideas from Music Videos to short skits, we just dont have a team to help us out. I was wondering if you ever want to join us. We are actually planning on shouting a music video someday soon if you want to tag along. Here the link to our channel… and you can also contact me at


Hi! Here’s my info.

General Location
Sunshine Coast, QLD Australia

Skill Set
I have knowledge covering most of the filmmaking process - some areas better than others.

  • Writing
  • Directing
  • Cam Op
  • Lighting
  • Editing
  • VFX
  • Sound/Foley + Mixing
  • Colour Grading

My weaker areas are lighting, sound and grading - haven’t had as much experience with them.

I couldn’t relinquish writing, directing or editing - the others I could, though usually don’t. I like having control, especially when it’s something I’ve thought up and worked hard to produce.

Everything except lights :smile:


  • Beastly computer rig
  • RED Scarlet Dragon w/accessories
  • Rode NTG-3 w/ boom pole
  • Rode VideoMic
  • Zoom H4n w/JuicedLink preamp
  • Shoulder rig
  • 80cm Slider
  • Canon 60D
  • 24-105mm EF f/4 lens
  • 50mm f1.8 lens


  • Adobe CC Suite
  • Magic Bullet Looks + DaVinci Resolve

What I’m Looking For
People with the knowledge/skills that I lack who want to work on short films for fun. Preferably people proficient with lighting and sound (I have sound equipment, but no lighting at all - so hopefully you’ve got some!).

I would love to find someone who loves sound so much they’d jump at the chance to boom/record sound on-set and possibly even do foley/mixing in post.

Also someone who knows how to set up and light a scene (and has the gear to do so) would be a great asset.

And lastly, you have to be nice.

UPDATE: Almost forgot - knowledge/skills with hair, make-up and SFX would be great! Also people who are “handy”. You know those people who can wrangle together props with their bare hands? I want to meet those people.

Aussies in the RJ Community!
Networking for Film Makers (Australia)

Bro this is some great FX work here! Loving the style and the vision
Would love to be a part of something you do if you’re interested.

I live about 30 miles north of london (stevenage) so hit me up if you ever want an actor or someone to use the camera :smiley:

  • Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • Skills:
  • I graduated in march 2015 as a “professional” video editor, however my interest has switched to compositing and animation.
  • I do have some experience with camera and scriptwriting as a freelancer, however I’ve never really been interesed in doing so.
  • Resources: Adobe CS6, Nuke 9, Cinema 4D, FC X, Nikon D3200.
  • Looking for: Opportunity’s to expand my knowledge on the post production process (Editing, VFX, 2- & 3D animation, Grading.)


Very Cool Jay!
I love that camera…My dream camera is the Sony F55 with attachments. I love its interchange of Arri and Panavision stuff. I am in same boat with lighting, except with me it sound also…as, I just know sound in (software) layers and splicing stuff with basic mic stuff (directional and shotgun mics) …/not true applications of sound and lights yet- just so much -yikes! .but so much cool stuff to learn also…

.That is super cool camera,how long have you had Red Epic??? I bet so fun to shoot with :smile:


It’s actually the Scarlet, not Epic (but still 6K Dragon sensor). I’ve had it for about a month I think. It’s super fun to shoot with, though definitely different to DSLR. A lot heavier too which changes the way you have to shoot things.

But it’s worth it in the end when you see the images it produces.


Yeah I know what you mean with heavy…,The Sony F55 is the same way; especially, with any hoods, extra battery’s, or lenses…it basically turns into a mech warrior-hahahahahaha… but again in a good way…Though, they are getting smaller, with better and better resolutions, guide rods, and mutli-attachments; so that is a plus, plus, plus…

I kinda wonder where DSLR’s will be in 10 yrs…as consumers grow in photography (Apple,Adobe, etc…) ./Interesting to think about. I just love using DSLR’s in Digital Astronomy, and on my telescopes. Get awesome pics of Jupiter and Moon during the right times…-.just so cool!


Yeah for 6K and 16.5+ stops of DR, it is ridiculously small - no complaints from me.

DSLR’s will likely stay around a bit I think. They are great for photography and super small and lightweight. Cheap too, and will likely keep getting cheaper. For average consumers they work great. Even professionals can and do use them very effectively - it’s just a matter of knowing how to get what you want from them.

Having said that, cameras like RED are changing the game with video and even stills. The potential to shoot 6K RAW, even at a low 12fps, is super useful for shooting stills - on par with, if not better than DSLRs.


I totally agree 100%… I didn’t want to say they would be phased out; but I think they will be a building block; just like Polaroid was 40 years ago to something else. I know i have talked to some animal photographers, and they just live by them…but then i see processors being built,and then think of the direction and history of CCD (charged coupled devices)…then i think…“what will be out there for my astronomy photos next” -hehehehehehehe…

I actually saw a Modern Family episode “Connection Lost” (2015) not to long ago, that was actually shot entirely from an I phone…I know, I know…but, they actually did an awesome job on it, with story and everything… It really surprised me,how good it came out… that should tell us something where technology is headed… i mean not just i phones 6, that’s silly…but something else out there; something else in next generation stuff (xray, compressions, new light signatures, etc…)… /really cool stuff, when you think about it… :smile:


Indeed - and I guess that sort of tells you that it doesn’t really matter what equipment you use.

Sure it’s nice to have heaps of pixels, super clean audio, flattering lighting etc., but in the end, it comes down to your story and characters. Tell a good story and tell it well and you’ve done your job, regardless of what gear you used, whether it be a UHD camera or a smartphone.

Having this technology has opened a lot of doors though, especially for young filmmakers who are interested, but just starting out. Everyone has the tools to just jump in and start creating. It’s great.


Yeah! They always say when you watch a movie (picture) ; if you can forget where your at, and be immensed in the story, and forget about everything else… then the movie has done its job… :movie_camera:


Please keep this thread on topic!


Location: Michigan - California - Oregon - Florida - (some Canada shoots)

Based in Ohio, but I travel with meeting experienced people in specific fields of gaming and filming; or in new technology…

Skills: Business Developer

Resources: Sony F55 (rental), Set Locations, Chrome Key Applications, Props and Prop Rentals, miniature models,and some basic DSLR’s

Starting Software: Adobe CS6 (After Effects-Premier, Flash, Illustrator, etc…) Auto Desk (Maya and 3ds) as well as some Lightwave…

Would like to network with people that have experiences in Mocha Pro, Davinci, and Boujou…
as well as find other people who know Foundry Software (Nuke Modo, or Mari) …

Looking for:
Primarily, looking to network with people that had direct knowledge or “experiences” in VFX short reels, motion capture, stunt coridination (wire n fight sets), miniature shooting, voice overs, and gaming development/s. Also like to talk to people about any experiences in IOS development, commercials,or web streams if any…

but also looking to network and have discussions with somebody that knows sound and lighting My experience in sound,is mainly just with software, and with layer edits, splicing; and some external, directional or shotgun microphones (very basic). I am actually trying to get more personal experiences with audio studio designs and voice overs …With lights, my experiences is very basic also…Its basically a 5 stand set up, measurement, and some atmosphere lighting; but not a lot… I’m better in 3d lighting on games. I am basically trying to get better experiences ;so it may enable me to work with Arri lamps, and some other stuff that i want to do down the line…


Location: Missouri (Springfield and The Ozarks)
Skill Set: Screenwriting, Set Design (Most all production aspects), Directing, Acting, Camera Operating, Field and In-house Audio, Video Editing, Advanced Color Theory, and Sound Effects.
Resources: Black Magic Cinema Camera (2.5k), Resolve, CS6 Suite, FCP7 and 10, Audio & Video blocks membership for stock.
Looking For: I’m looking to network with other filmmakers, whether it is a collaboration or just an overall learning experience.