Film-maker networking!


Greetings to all and to all a good day! My name is Andrew, upcoming video editor.

Santa Monica/Los Angeles, CA

Trailer Editing, Music Video Editing, Narrative Editing, Visual Effects, Basic Sound.

Resources Available:
Avid Media Composer, The Adobe Creative Cloud Suite (Now I have Premier, After Effects, Audition, and Photoshop now but can download more programs should the need arise), Trapcode Particular, PluralEyes, Basic Editing Suite (powered by a 6 Core Mac Pro Late 2013), MacBook Pro 2012 (with all the aforementioned programs save for Avid).

Looking For:
I want to be an editor who cuts, Trailers, Animated Narratives, Music Videos, Science Fiction Narratives, and Fantasy Narratives. I have some professional work under my belt but most of that is low-budget corporate stuff. So if anyone out there needs an Editor, Assistant Editor, or even just a Production Assistant, I’ll be on it. I’m focused on just gaining experience right now so I’ll work for free.

Here’s a Link to my Vimeo account

Should you wish to contact me, Send me a Private message on the Rocket Jump Forum, or send me a message to this email:

I look forward to working with you all.


-Location Melbourne Australia
-Skills Camera Operator, Boom Operator, Gaffer, Camera Assistant
-Resources Canon EOS 700D, RODE Video Mic Go, Premiere Pro, Access to BlackmagicProduction Camera and Audio Gear
-Looking For Experience, I’m only 14.


- Location: Orlando, FL
- Skills: Production Management, Script Writing, Dolly Grip, and Editing.
- Resources: Cannon SLR, Green Screen, Final Cut Pro, Avid, and Premiere.
- Looking for: At the moment, I’m working studying film at Full Sail University and looking to do some freelance work. If you need someone with my talents or know of someone who does, feel free to send me a message.


Location: Ogden, UT
Skills : directing, producing, shooting, grip, a little writing
resources: t3i, mic, FCPx premiere, photoshop audition, access to green screen and jib.
looking for; Just looking to get into touch with some peeps to make some great content.


Hey I"m from Utah too. Were are you at?


I’m from your same area. I’m from Hooper but it’s kinda small. I’m actually just in the process of producing and directing a little film with some buddies. We’re going to need some grips to help with whatever small amount of equipment we use if you’re interested. We’re just some buddies from school making it.


Yeah? I would love to help with what I can. I just finished a documentary and doing some final touches as achool is almost outdo I’ll have a little more free time. My channel is YouTube.clm/drbe4t


What do you do as your job? I saw on your channel that you do switching for a podcast. Is that what you do for work?


Location: San Diego, CA
Skills: writing, low level sound editing, podcast recording.
Resources: Audacity, Trilby, OpenOffice suite
Looking for: Some inspiration, writing tips, and to start actually making some content!


Sadly, I’m from the Philippines which is rather far from most of the members here :(…But, I’ll just be watching online RocketJump school stuff and well, maybe read some stuff here in the Discussion Board and find some advises and tips…
Skills: Well acquainted with Sony Vegas Pro 12, Audacity, Film-visualizing and directing, video-editing
Looking for: Tips on after effects and other vfx softwares, 'cause I really wanna learn how to shoot lightning bolts in my hands, the least thing I can do in terms of human powers are teleport (Cut and Place) and cloning, and the suckish one too, like, using masking tool…


If you would like to learn After Effects, Video Copilot is a great resource.
I’ve found some tutorials that you might be interested in based on what you said:


Huh, That looks great! Thanks :slight_smile:


You’re welcome! :smiley:


Location-Gravesend Brooklyn NY

We may be doing a casting call in future for Female CoHost but doing a giveaway of a Ring Light first to try and boost viewership and subscribers.
View video and subscribe is all it takes to enter. Random name chosen at end of May 2015. Good luck. We have about 120 videos on our channel thus far, launched last year.


Orlando area. Looking for any production for my demo reel. I have access to studios for ADR/ folly. And can do advanced editing and moderate VFX. Have some gear of my own. Looking for help on a shoot let me know.


Location: Denton, Texas
more hipster than Austin, we don’t have to try as hard.

Sub-par acting
motion media and vfx
camera operation
minor parkour and stuntwork
trying to learn how to build foam armor and props, just dipped my toes in.

Canon Rebel T5i, 75-300mm and 18-55mm lenses.
Canon Vixia r4oo
Gopro Hero 4 silver
zoom h2n microphone
2 home-made rigs. an octogon for stability, and a 5 foot camera slide.

looking for:
actors, film makers, others with same or different skills. just those wanting to get some work done. trying to build a portfolio of vfx and more for the moment. if someone had a lighting kit that would be beautiful to work with.



I live in Cornwall, UK, and other filmmakers are hard to come by down here!! Anyone else here from the Penzance area, I would love to collab!!



Frenzy Films

Youtube Channel


Hey Everyone,

I live and work in southern New Jersey, near the Atlantic City area. We’re very much different than the New Jersey people think of from t.v. and movies.

Canon Rebel t3i
Adobe CS6

I’m screenwriter starting to dabble in video production and editing.

Looking for film makers, actors, and others starting out or in the industry to collaborate with.


Just looking to see if anyone on here is from southern New Jersey (or the surrounding area) that would like to collaborate on any projects in the near future!




Plenty of Meetup groups too, there’s one meeting tonight to discuss a video and another tomorrow night which I’ll be at. Both in NYC THO.