Filters & Story: Interview with Ira Tiffen - OFFICIAL DISCUSSION


Ira Tiffen has been developing and creating filters and specialized optics for film for over 40 years. Not only is he a passionate, creative collaborator with film professionals, but he has been a strong advocate for the use of filters to give your images and story that extra special bit of magic.

Can you tell that Lauren was fangirling? She was fangirling.

Thanks so much to Schneider Optics and Ira for visiting RJFS and lending their time and expertise. If you want to check out some of the filters mentioned, you can visit their site here.

Wanna learn more? A filter demo video is on the way! But for now, ask us your burning questions in the forum!




What a great video, and a really good intro to the basic filters available in the ever diversifying world of digital imaging. I thought it was really telling and cool that Ira brought up the exact four filters one is most likely to encounter on a film, pretty much in that order of likelihood.

Also stoked to hear Michael Slovis come up - his work on Breaking Bad, particularly the in-camera color effects and filtration, is fascinating stuff, and a great introduction to filters as they apply to storytelling. He discussed this at length on the American Cinematographer Podcast.

I never noticed the filtration effects in Top Gun until hearing them brought up here - but he’s absolutely right. The otherworldly color just works so well that you don’t even think about it as a filter, you just dive into this amazing new world.