Find a good name for a place without break copyright. How can I do that?


Hello RocketJump-Community,

I think this is a problem for every screenplay writer—if you want to create a new place the name is already taken.
So, for my project (it’s kinda VGHS meets X-Men (just with more than mutants).) the main place is a school. Of course, I tried to create names. But there were always with “school” and “academy”. I looked what already exists. So, I got there “Superhero High” by Mattel. And I got “Avengers Academy” by Marvel. “Sky High” exists too. It’s by Disney.
Do you have any excellent tips to solve this problem?



Well… I don’t know use your imagination. :confused:
More seriously make a list of names that you could associate like:

List 1:

List 2:

and then randomly combine them until you find something you like, like Mutants Studies. Check again that that one isn’t taken too and you’re good.


And you can always come up with your own name. You can always use the copyrighted title as a subtitle.

For instance Harry potter could have been called wizard highschool. And sky high could have been called super son; sky high.


Or if you’re feeling fancy, write a little program that randomly grabs from a pool of these words to generate combinations :smiley:

Like this, but not this fancy :smiley:


Hello @SzPeti42 and again to everyone else,

So, I found a name for my school in this project. It’s called “Pantheon prep”. A pantheon is a holy place for all gods. And superheroes sometimes are kinda gods. A prep is, you know, a private school.
But I haven’t a alpha or beta title that inspire me.


The idea and right for the names is by me


I like the sound of it! Never could dislike a good alliteration. Just make sure you don’t accidentally name one of your characters Peter Parker… :smiley:


@SzPeti42 Ok. It isn’t easy to find good character names. But to use the same letter for first and surname is MARVEL style. Oh yeah! I wrote a small “script”. Could you please critique it when you find somethin to. How well have I improved my screenwriting skills? Please critique this one
That’s it.


Thanks, I’ll check it out when I have some free time


I think the easiest solution is to name it after a person or a place. The most obvious way would be to name it after the city or neighbourhood the school is in. But you can also can name it after someone important, either from actual history or in your universe. Especially local heros often get stuff named after them.
If your story is set in an authoritarian regime, it might also be named after a dictator or e.g. his father from whom he inherited his power. Or it is a universally beloved revolutionary like Simon Bolivar.
Or it’s just a named after a fictional person who plays no part in the story at all.