First Impressions - Nintendo Switch


Time to start shrinking my hands, gotcha :+1:


It looks awesome but I don’t have enough money/time. :confused:
Also I was kind of a Nintendo Boy for years but they start to piss me off with their getting-money-by-all-means policy (Amiibos, online multiplayer on subscription, DAY ONE DLC).


I don’t know anyone with one yet so I haven’t seen these bad boys in action but I’m super keen to see how they develop. I’ve been hearing really mixed reviews.
My housemate went out to get one today but came home with a 49" TV instead because it was cheaper so I’m not holding my breath.


Wow, lots of issues with the Switch apparently.
Badly designed dock and Joycons, bugs, crashes. Glad I didn’t bought one.

I talked with someone who had the wrist strap problem today, that’s incredible.


Oh dear… Guess I’ll hold off getting one of those…


Uhh, that’s hard to stomach, I hope they’re coming up with games really soon because when the hype wave that Zelda has generated goes away, this kind of lineup coupled with this build quality will not be acceptable, the docking box and IC looks like something a student from my university could do.