Frame rate vs shutter speed


I know the frame rate is the number of frames per second but then what is the shutter speed? Also, what`s video gain on a camcorder? Sorry, I know these are probably stupid questions. Thanks


The shutter is what opens to let in the light, the Longer it’s open the more light it lets in, this means a longer shutterspeed could be used to shoot in lower light, however since you’ll be capturing a frame for longer any difference in the light will be captured as motion blur. This is why sports photographers tend to use very short shutter speeds.
For every frame of video the shutter has to open and close (or in the digital cameras of these days it’s usually a digital shutter that rolls across the sensor).

I hope that clears it up a little for you.

Also the standard practise is to shoot video with 1/at least double the framerate for shutter speed. So if you’re shooting at 25fps you will want to go no longer than 1/50 on your shutter speed. (Note that 1/100 is shorter than 1/50)


Thanks, this is a great explanation. I got one of those “ohhh!” moments.


No problem! Glad I could be of help.

As for the video gain on a camcorder, it’s probably much akin to ISO on a DSLR. Which is a form of digital gain. It digitally increases the light sensitivity of your sensor. So if you turn it to a higher value you can shoot in lower light.
Because it’s a digital progress however it introduces some digital artifacts; noise, as they call it. The higher the gain, the more noise.
So it’ll decrease the quality of your video.