Freddie's Keyboard Shortcuts! - OFFICIAL DISCUSSION


Keyboard shortcuts (also called “hot keys”) assign the commands and tools of your editing program to specific keys on your keyboard, allowing you to access them instantly. Most editing programs already have default keyboard shortcuts programmed in, but allow you to customize them to your liking. Freddie has a unique keyboard layout that allows him to, as he calls it, “edit at the speed of thought.”

In this video, Freddie shows you his keyboard layout and explains why he has certain tools placed on certain keys, and how this customized set up allows him to focus on story rather than the tech. The whole purpose of customizing your keyboard is to make editing more efficient and smooth for you, so don’t feel as though you have to copy Freddie’s approach directly-- you can customize your board in the way that makes the most sense to you!


Freddie flies through his keyboard commands really fast, so here is a PDF download of all his key shortcuts and brief descriptions of what they do.

And, if you have Premiere Pro, you can actually download Freddie’s Keyboard Preferences and install them to use in your own Premiere Projects!

Instructions are included in the PDF above, but also can be found on Adobe’s site here.


Can’t seem to get the file to work on adobe CS6? does it only work in cc? [ NVM got it to work, just had to make a new shortcut with the same name as the file i downloaded and search for it.and just replaced it ]


This was super insightful, Imma start using some of those short cuts! @FreddieW


Very useful video, thanks guys. But I’d like to know, are there any popular editing programs that are not so easy to set these shortcuts for?


Ctrl A to select all footage in Sony Vegas was a huge help, thanks for that PDF! I used to just go to edit->select->select all, which took a lot more time.


You’ll actually find that works anywhere, try selecting text with it. Really useful tool, a bit like CTRL V / C / Z etc


I have Premiere Pro CC 9.2. I followed the instructions to install the .kys file but unfortunately it’s not working. At the bottom is the error I’m getting. The video just came out a week ago and I can’t go back to version 7 or 8. What can I do to remedy the situation?



Are you using PC or Mac?

If it’s PC, be sure to have the file placed in the following folder:

Documents\Adobe\Premiere Pro\9.0\Profile-(UserName)\Win

I have 9.2 as well, and it works perfectly for me.


weird town, i installed it on CS6 no problem. i’d figure a later CC would be closer. actually litereally just bought CC and upgraded. tried ot do what i did last time and doesnt work, i installed in this general path for cs6

C:\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015\Keyboard Shortcuts\en_US

but cs6 instead of cc.
i had to actually follow the filepath in the PDF this time, installed it under version 9.0 and it works fine for me.

I’m mostly curious about After Effects shortcuts. i’ve already gotten used to some of the movement keys and most the tools being on the bottom row. but using these examples, I may move some navigation to the left side as well.


Very nice. I’ve been trying to force myself to use a different keyboard shortcut everyday.


I have Premiere Pro CC 9.2 and I get the following error.


I’ve been trying to download the .kys file but no luck. When I click the link it pulls up codes for the shortcut but no option to download. Any ideas? Nvm it’s was internet explorer that wasn’t working properly. Had no problem with Chrome


On a Mac.

In the end, I just entered all the shortcuts manually. Would not work otherwise.


@Lauren or @JoeyScoma, any idea what’s going on with the keyboard shortcut file issue above?


Perhaps the shortcut file we’re providing is from a previous version, therefore after users update it doesn’t work

However here’s the spreadsheet again to enter any of the commands manually


Thanks for tracking down the link, cap’n Joe.


One of my favorite videos you guys have done. My first (and third) job out of school was at an Avid shop, and I “grew up” on FCP. It was crazy seeing how much more keyboard centric the Avid editors were. We even had special Avid keyboards that marked keys with what the default shortcuts were.

Even with that background, I haven’t been as extensive in my customization now that I’ve migrated over to Adobe’s software as Freddy is here. Great ideas.


Really is insane how much extra productivity you can squeeze out of speedy keyboard shortcuts and eliminating the need to move your hand to the mouse!


What is the keyboard and mouse Freddie was using in the video? Thanks