FredQuest: The Search for Senzaki (An Interactive Experience)


It is a typical workday at RocketJump. You are in the kitchen. It was your birthday yesterday but everyone forgot (but they got cake today)

What do you do now?


Eat cake.

(Wow everyone sucks for forgetting though)


Shoot everyone you see in the office with a Nerf Rival


Find @Kevin_Senzaki and ask him for some sound advice.


Burn it. Burn it all.


Sounds like they took the “party never” part of your shirt too seriously. Change clothes to prevent any further confusion.


Sit down in the corner and cry because everyone sucks.


remove belt
use belt to crack like whip


Sit down in the corner and cry because everyone

You sit in the corner. Emotion overtakes you as the tears flow.

Nobody cares. Both because they are busy and also because they suck. Now you feel markedly worse.

MORALE dropped 5 pts.

You can go NORTH or SOUTH. There is some CAKE on the table.


Realize that the CAKE is a lie and go SOUTH 'cause that’s where your life is going anyway


To the north because why not.


You eat the cake because it can never hurt.


You eat the cake because it can never hurt.

To feel better, you turn to food. In this case, the chocolate cake on the table.

It works!

MORALE goes up 1 point!

Now you got cake hands and a tummy ache. Turns out it can hurt after all.

You can go NORTH or SOUTH


You start walking due North!!!


Because life can always go South, you go North to defy impending probability


You go south, then make your own cake when you realize you can make an even better cake than the one you have already eaten.


You wipe your hands on @Kevin_Senzaki and continue on your journey!


The RocketJump kitchen seems to be the best place for advice. Can you spot all three?


Got em.


North it is! (2 votes to 1)

You hit a loading screen, which should last approximately as long as it takes for me to get from my place back to the office (total coincidence).

I’ll take this opportunity to note that this will work like all manner of text adventure games. Feel free to try crazy stuff.