FredQuest: The Search for Senzaki (An Interactive Experience)


Oh gods, if this goes anything like my games of Oregon Trail all of RocketJump will be lying dead in pools of something worse than ball pit balls.


That or it will go like “you find yourself in a room” and Freddie will realize he hates us as the game goes on


How quickly can we create an infinite recursion loop is my question.


@JoeyScoma enters the game.


Freddie picks up the nearest item on his left and places it in his weapons slot. Appropriate stats increase and decrease accordingly. Freddie uses the weapon to attack the nearest NPC or stationary object.


WOW, that’s gonna be a really good topic.


You enter the famed RocketJump game room, which is just before the bullpen. Also the graphics update just installed which means you have a new shirt.

You can go to the KITCHEN (south), EAST. Joey Scoma is here.


Go east to Joey and initiate conversation

Let's make a RocketJump Community original short

Go EAST and punch Joey…

i mean, that’s how games work, so why not


Yeah, go talk to Joey but first get that red thing just behind you on the floor.
If the game devs putted it there it’s probably for a reason, am I not right ? Maybe it’s a secret key or maybe it makes a funny sound.


You approach Joey.

“What’s up Joey,” you say, “I’m 31 as of yesterday, you know.”

Joey nods. “I don’t care. We need to focus on what’s important. Kevin is missing and nobody’s seen him all day! He isn’t picking up calls!”

“Well, in this day and age nobody really answers calls or leaves voicemails,” you say, informing Joey of the state of human communications. “Actually text based chat has more of a precedent with more formalistic…”

Joey cuts you off with a blank stare.

What now?


You reply “wait how the hell can you cut me of just by staring blankly?!” You slap him " pay attention when the boss is talking damnit! "


Ask about the missing kevin


Ask about the missing kevin

This^^^^ :+1:


Check your Inventory, Use your Phone, Write Kevin a mean text to bait him into answering quickly!

Ask Joey if this is some kind of stupid plan to make you find a secret birthday party (be secretly exited about this). Then ask when and where Kevin was last seen, and where he could be.


Apply “Batman Voice” from your toolkit. Lift Joey out of the chair by the collar of his shirt and scream, “Where is he?!” until you get the answers you deserve, but not the ones you need right now.


You check your inventory.

You are clearly a man with a lot of awesome cool stuff in his pockets.

Luckily, you actually have a Phone because you’re not a luddite! Time to engage in text messaging - that time honored method of avoiding having to ever talk to anybody ever…

You fire off that hot take and wait expectantly for a response. You stare quietly at your phone for about five minutes, uninterrupted, but Kevin never responds. He’s usually so quick to reply to your great, excellent quality text messages. This is very unlike him.

Joey coughs politely. “What exactly are you doing, dude?” he asks.

“Just broadcasting some TRUTH out into the world,” you answer, like a cool detective P.I. because that’s what this game is probably turning into.

“Cool. Cool.” Joey seems mildly impressed.

“Tell me, Scoms, is this some secret plan to get me to go to a secret surprise birthday party?” you ask.

“What? It’s your birthday? Happy birthday dude!” Joey seems genuinely surprised.

Clearly it’s not some plot, at least not one that Joey is privvy to.

“Where was Kevin last seen?” you say, interrogating Joey further.

“I mean, he does have an office here. It’s down the hall. You probably should check that out,” says Joey.

You nod. You knew where Kevin’s office was, of course.

To the SOUTH is the kitchen. Kevin’s office lies WEST. The office bullpen lies EAST.


go west, let start this investigation!


Save that game yo.
Don’t want to have to start from the beginning if we lose


Pick up the dog toy behind you, head west!

FYI guys, here’s the about Kevin:
He is an amazing sound designer and may be an ancient decendent of the Rinzai-Zen-Master!!

And if anybody sees a bag or backpack, pls help picking it up!