FredQuest: The Search for Senzaki (An Interactive Experience)


Head EAST to the bullpen. Going to his office is just what he’d want you to do.


Pay Joey $20…
In exchange Joey gives you a deck of cards to perform magic tricks!
Then go EAST to the bullpen.


Oh yeah, that way Phsyco Mantis can start reading my mind!? Nope, I use the controller 2 and head West.


Then save and go west.
If something bad happen we can go back.
And nothing bad will happen so it’s ok.


Go EAST to the bull pen


Yo @FreddieW in case you didn’t find out already, this is how you make a poll:

- Option #1 Text
- Option #2 Text
- Option #3 Text


Game saved!

This… uh… eww. Still - might come in handy!

DOG TOY added to Inventory!

“Hey, Joey,” you start, “did you know that this particular dog toy has its origins in a rubber suspension part for a VW bus? The guy discovered that his dog particularly liked chewing on that, and turned it into a dog toy, making it…”

Joey once again curtails your incredibly informative reverie to a screeching halt with deafening silence.

Unaffected, you head WEST and enter Kevin’s office.

It’s a mess. A cursory glance indicates that there is no Kevin here.

What should you investigate first?


read the sticky note on the monitor.


Followed by investigating the backside of the Freddie swap picture. Always check behind the desktop picture.


Root through the desk drawers


(Am I the only one who thinks chickyboo had something to do with this?)


nah, we know chicky killed him, so it must be something else


Turn on COMPUTER. Check Kevin’s email for suspicious activity, then post junk all over his Twitter, because he can’t stop you.


This is clearly the most sensible plan of action,
I second it.


By the way, as the game grows, I’m going off of post LIKES to decide what to do. That being said…

Hmm. Ok.

You boot up the computer and are greeted by a very tasteful wallpaper.

Time to get someone banned on Twitter! Aw wait…

Crap. The password he wrote on the sticky isn’t working either. Hmmmmm…



Laugh at his puny attempt to throw you and your awesome decodingskills of the right track and try typing the passwort, but use the keys on the keyboard one of to the right of the respective letter.
Note to yourself: Make Kevin take another privacy training. God knows what people could do with such easy access to his accounts!


@Lauren enters the game.


Break the cipher on the sticky note.


Cypher text detected, initiating decode algorithm. . . … Decoding completed.

Twitter password: ANIMELUVR

Email password: TRIGUNFAN

I check his email for clues as to his where abouts.