FredQuest: The Search for Senzaki (An Interactive Experience)


You shake your head. Could have easily guessed both of those passwords…

Success! Looks like Kevin keeps an incredibly tidy email inbox and actually deletes all his old messages. Some interesting tidbits though…


There is 3.2gb used in google drive…I bet he had some plans or mail backup out there.

Write to his twitter «Hey, guys, what I did last night and where am I now? Can’t remember a thing»


You wonder who agent433 is, does that name sound familiar? You decide it doesn’t and do as @RayAnderson said.


Check the Chat with agent443. Check every mail. Then Check the google drive.


Use your new Google Account access to track down his phone:


I heartily support this course of method. Track him down CIA style, it may be time to call in agent Plissken from movie jail again.


Post an update already!


You didn’t say the magic word


“Now” is the magic word :stuck_out_tongue:


Got to love the classics.

No! Hey! Guys, I found him!


Hey man, it takes awhile to get Plissken outta movie jail. All those documents, signed and filled in triplicate…

At least that’s what I’m hoping the hold up is about.


Intriguing! Let’s see how this goes! Unfortunately, the site doesn’t have a tracker like iCloud does. It’s just a list of things to do, including calling his phone.

You decide to give that a shot, but it goes straight to voicemail:

“Damn,” you think, before launching into a four-part tirade about the betrayal of authorial intent. Well, that’s a dead end.

In a mad rush (due to concern for your good friend), you type out the above incoherent message on his Twitter account. “It won’t matter that ‘what I did last night and where am I now’ is an insane sentence,” you tell yourself, “Kevin might be in trouble and internet strangers might be the only ones who can save him!”

Hopefully someone replies…



Go to 84 N Lake (here?), as tweeted by agent443. Bring binoculars.


That was incredible to see for real :joy:

What to do next:
Check your phone contacts to see if you have Kevin’s mother. Call her and ask if he came home for dinner last night.


I know right? I’m liking how this game is playing out. I wonder how intricate the IRL aspects of finding clues will become as the quest progresses.


Pulling up satellite imaging on 84 N now sir. . . …
Outside of a pediatric center, a burrito house and a donut shop, I see nothing of immediate interest on that corner.

There is however a small establishment by the moniker “Bootleg Theatre” just west down Beverly Drive. Should I contact HUMINT to call in the asset?

But seriously, I check through Kevin’s list of contact info for this Agent443.


You make it sound like one needs anything else in one’s life. Hell man, I don’t even know if I need donuts. I was good with “burrito house.”


A decent carne asada burrito is hard to beat, no?


Indeed. That sludge of rice, refried beans, guacamole, sour cream, and cheese is the ambrosia on which my life runs. Throw in some asada or carnitas…unnngggh!