FredQuest: The Search for Senzaki (An Interactive Experience)


Post an update, please.


No replies that I can see anyways


All of us were at a wedding this weekend; just getting back to civilization. No doubt @FreddieW will have something for ya soon.


Theory…what if the wedding was somehow connected to this mystery?!


Ah yes, good idea! All will be revealed by @FreddieW soon!


Remember folks - this works like a game and I’m scanning for highly liked replies to decide what to do next. That being said -

A quick scan through of your contacts’ “Mom” section reveals that, unfortunately, Kevin’s Mom is not on the list, you weirdo. Nor does, as far as you know, Kevin still live with his mom.

Kevin’s contact list is totally dry. Agent443 is online though… maybe chat with him? What should we say?


Open a chat with agent443 and read through any backlogged messages


Get off the computer and go outside.


Buy the full game because the demo is finished. Why not get a DLC or two as well?


Screw the conversation, it’s time to get down to business. Break the fourth wall to discover who is taking the pictures of where you go!


Cliffhanger! I wonder whether this thread will be brought back to life.


Tell Agent443 you want to meet, once there take him hostage.


Haha, you’re saying this like if it was the easiest thing in the world.


Sometimes you just gotta wing it the wong way, how tough could this “Agent443” be?


I personally get to Rocket Jump studios all the way from Canada and go on a search for Kevin and Freddie because both of you are obviously gone now and someone has to take matters in hand. Freddie must have been close to the truth and the people responsible for this are holding him hostage now. It has to do with this mysterious agent that has been mentioned a few times… … or the dog toy.

After investigating this for a while, the dog toy lead to no good clues. I imagine it was just a red herring. However I found whose toy it was and the dog seemed quite happy to have it back.

Reading again the response on twitter, I found the area this so called agent was referring to. If I’m lucky, I might still be able to find clues there…


Go to the bullpen to look for clues